Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Can I Establish a Christ Centered Home - Lesson Handout.

Today I was able to teach my cute Laurel's class a lesson on:

We started out the lesson by listing on the chalkboard the differences between a

Then we went around the class and each girl shared one thing she LOVED about her home.
{The common theme here was how the girls FELT inside of their home.}

Then I passed out some popcorn and we watched Elder Richard G. Scott's conference talk entitled

Yes...I had them watch the ENTIRE talk.
This talk is one that speaks to my soul.
The first time I heard Elder Scott give it - I felt as though it was JUST for me.
SO many good ideas he shares.

With just a few minutes left, we went around the class again and shared what STOOD OUT to us from watching the conference talk, and ways that THE GIRLS could create a Christ centered home.

For a handout, I bought boxes of M&Ms and included this tag on the back:

For a copy of my FREE PRINTABLE handout click HERE.

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