Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Annual Christmas Recipe Club.

Friday night we gathered with some of our closest friends for our 
Annual Coombs Christmas Recipe Club.
Past Recipe Clubs HERE and HERE.

We LOVE hosting this dinner
 in our home each year.

Allow me to share some of the details:

Place Settings
Silver metallic PAPER plates purchased at Hobby Lobby.

These metallic Christmas trees were purchased at a local grocery store for only $1.  
How could I pass that up?!
I added their names onto some cardstock and tied a ribbon around to personalize them.

I used silver holly picks from Hobby Lobby as part of the napkin rings.

The centerpiece was SUPER easy to make.
All picks and stems were purchased from Hobby Lobby and I just arranged them 
in my rectangular vase.
{That vase is one of my FAVORITE finds EVER from Goodwill!}

I LOVE this pic of Joe at the head of the table.

For those of you who don't know my husband - 
he LOVES making people laugh. 

This pic proves that not only does crack OTHER people up - - 
but he usually cracks HIMSELF up as well!

It's tradition to to have a White Elephant Gift exchange at this party.
And it's always my own personal challenge to come up with the FUNNIEST gift.

Remember me blogging about THESE calendars found in the $ bins at Target?
Oh. My. Gosh.
Didn't it turn out SO hilarious? 
My own personal favorite months include...

I also came up with a little 'GAME' of sorts....
{I'm sorta obsessed with pop culture trivia.}

As for take home favors I made up one of my very favorite things....

Christmas Potpurri in a Jar!
All of the details on how to make these PLUS my FREE PRINTABLE TAG...
coming your way tomorrow!!!

For food - we took the easy route out and ordered mexican food: tamales, mini chimis, taquitos and tacos.  Someone brought chips, salsa and beans as an appetizer and there was also a green salad and fruit salad for sides.

Pie + Cake pops were served as dessert.

Already looking forward to NEXT YEAR girls!


  1. oh how fun is this! I seriously love all the details you throw in!! I love that!

  2. Devastated that I missed out on getting the Hunk of the Month Calendar! Next year!

  3. Yay for the free printable tags! I'm president of our PTO and doing these scent jars for gifts at our appreciation luncheon Thursday! Can't wait to attach your adorable tag!


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