Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things You Must do at the Polar Express:

1. Have the WHOLE family wear 
Christmas jammies.
{Yes....even you and your spouse!}

All 3 kiddos' jammies are from Target.
2. Eat at the Pine Cone restaurant

This little hometown restaurant is hands down our FAVORITE.
Homecooked food and THE VERY BEST PIE EVER.
The Peanut Butter Chocolate is my FAVORITE!
3. Sit on Mrs. Claus' lap 
and ask her about Santa.

Is it just me.....or does this 'Mrs. Claus' not really look like what your typical Mrs. Claus should look like?

4. Write Letters to Santa and mail them in his OFFICIAL mailbox. son wants a Robot WITH a mustache.
Who doesn't?!
5. Go inside the lodge, warm up by their fireplace and take a picture in front of their HUMUNGOUS tree.

6. Drink lots of hot chocolate on the train.

7. Sing Christmas carols 
at the tops of your lungs.

 {and after meeting the very own Mr. C. himself....}

8. Cherish the jingle bells Santa gives out.
{They're extra magical.}

He really does crack himself up.

9. Cherish the memories.
We LOVE this tradition with our family.

For more info on how to get tickets to the Polar Express
 click HERE.


  1. I nearly burst out laughing when I saw mrs Claus, she for sure was not what I was expecting LOL!!
    What a neat tradition, I wish they did that here! and I love love their lists, so precious!

  2. I just watched that movie last night!


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