Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Weekend:

* London and I took lunch up to the boys at their school.
They LOVE when we bring them up lunch.
This time it was Chick-Fila, per their request.
{Seriously....ChickFila has the BEST chicken strips EVER!}

* Afterwards, Grandma Lamoreaux called and needed to see London.
{My mom can't go more than a couple of days without seeing her.}

She served up her sundaes with EXTRA cherries.
{How can we resist?!}

* Friday night date night HERE.
It's hands down my VERY FAVORITE mexican restaurant to eat at.

We topped the night off by.....
shopping at the Dolllar Tree {we like to keep it classy like that} and
dessert at DQ  {their new Candy Cane Chill Blizzard = the bomb!}

* Saturday morning we attended London's Christmas Dance Recital. can you resist cute little girls 'shimmy-ing' around in tutus?

* We had some time to kill after that so we stopped off at 
Bosa - our very favorite donut shop.
{Yes...I realize as I am typing this post, 
just how much junk we ate this weekend. 
But that's what makes things so fun, right?}

P.S. This is how London eats ALL of her donuts....

* Grant's last basketball game of the season was afterwards...

He got the game day medal for being the 'fastest hustler'.

Now....we get a break.....until mid January when sports start back up again for both boys.

* Date night numero dos Saturday night.
Dinner HERE.

We attended a beautiful wedding recpetion afterwards for one of my sweet church girls that I taught back when Joe and I were FIRST married. 
{Talk about making me feel OLD!}

Joe and I ended the evening on the couch together, 
watching the Christmas Duck Dynasty special.
{We LOVE the Robertson fam.}

* Churchey-church on Sunday. 
Taught THIS lesson to my cute girls.

*Spent the afternoon making up BATCH ONE of our Christmas Neighbor Gifts.

CANNOT WAIT to share the details!!!

I LOVE this time of year!


To do this Week:
Wrap Presents
Send out {more} Christmas cards
Deliver {more} neighbor gifts
School Class parties
Temple Lights
Coombs Family Christmas party
Prepare for Grant's 9th Birthday

Blessed indeed!

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