Monday, December 23, 2013

This Weekend:

* The kids and I took my nephew out for his Birthday Breakfast!
We ate HERE - it's a family favorite.
It really makes me feel old that he is 16 now.
{Seems like just yesterday I was changing his diapers!}

*We braved the crowds afterwards and headed to the mall.
Won't be doing that again until way after the holidays!
WAY too packed for my liking.

* Friday night Joe and I met up with the rest of my family for dinner at Joe's Farm Grill.
{Their cheeseburgers are my favorite!}

And then we saw...
...which was incredibly hysterical - IF you like Will Ferrell.
Which I do.
Like. A LOT!
Warning though: the last 30 minutes of this movie
 were incredibly ridiculous. 
{My parents came with us and my mom was not amused.}

* Saturday we started Grant's birthday celebrations.
{His bday was on Sunday.}
I let him pick out whatever he wanted to do that day and so he chose.....

Going to Bass Pro Shops.......

......with a birthday lunch at Red Robin afterwards.
{Yum to their Gingerbread shakes!}

* We headed home for the afternoon and quickly prepared for our annual 
Coombs Family Christmas party at Joe's parents house.

We dined on the most delicious appetizers around....

We had our annual family talent show...

Carson chose to do FINGER PUPPETS and he rocked it!

We had a dance party with glow in the dark balloons.

My kids got spoiled with presents...

And we ended the evening with Birthday Cake!

Thank you Grandma Marilyn for throwing another SPECTACULAR party for our family.
We are blessed, indeed!

* Sunday the birthday celebrations continued...

* We dressed in our Sunday best and went to churchey-church...

* I handed THESE out to my cute Young Women.

* AND we ended the fun filled weekend with MORE cake and ice-cream
 and a Lamoreaux cousins math contest.
{Weird, I know.}

Which....of course....ended in tears...shortly after this pic was taken!

2 more days til Christmas 


  1. Where did you purchase the Glow in the dark Balloons?

    1. My mother in law said she found them at Wal-mart! Super fun, huh? xoxo

  2. Thank you, they do look like fun. Will defiently look for them to use for New Years :)


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