Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Mostly ALL of the stores have gotten out their Valentine stuff now.
{Why does Vday stuff always seem to take forever to come out,
 when Christmas stuff seems to pop out in like July?}

Loving these cute straws - $2.99 from Michaels but 40% off.

Also spotted these wooden frames at Michaels that would be super cute as a 'grandparent gift'.
Could be painted OR colored on with markers by your child.

These jars!  Arent' they the cutest?
I don't think I will ever get sick of the 'chalkboard' trend.

Definitely need to come up with an excuse to use these jute bags STAT.
Aren't they adorable?
Could fill with candy or....pretty much anything!

I LOVE baking heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentines Day.
I also LOVE delivering them to friends and neighbors.
LOVE these cute bakery tags {also at Michaels} for only 97 cents!!

Spotted these heart shaped water bottles at Albertsons yesterday.
Going back to pick some up for my kiddos today.
{Why don't I just pick things up the FIRST time I see em?}

Owls and cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days with kid parties.
Aren't these little tote bags cute?
Found in the $ bins at Target.

And last but not least.....70% off these adorable house slippers at Target?
Yes Please!  
Picked up a pair to give to London on Valentine's Day for only $2.98!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Candybar Birthday Cake Tutorial.

Last week Carson's teacher had a birthday.

I organized the 'group' gift from the class {a small $5 donation from those who wanted to participate} and then put it all together. We were able to get her a couple of gift cards: pedicure and restaurant and then at the last minute I got some extra money and decided to just add a $20 bill on there too. {Because what teacher wouldn't love some cold hard cash, right?!}

I needed a cute way to present it all and I've been dying to try my hand at a candybar cake of sorts.
It was surprisngly easy and I only had 2 or 12 samples as I made it.

Here's what you'll need:

* About 4-5 pacakges of fun sized candybars
* Depending on how big you want your base to be
2--12 packs of the MINI soda cans

* And 3 of these floral sytrofoam bases.
{I've found that Wal-mart has these for the very cheapest price.}

 1. Line up your bottom base 
with the soda cans.
Once you have them as you'd like, get some clear packaging tape and wrap the center together, and then the outside together. Doesn't matter if the tape shows, because you'll cover it up with ribbon.

2. Loop roll your packaging tape now {so sticky side is out} and stick each of your candybars around the circular big piece of styrofoam.

I found that some of the candybars wanted to fall off so I then secured them all with a piece of ribbon around the whole thing.

You may have to add some extra candybars on top of that layer, so that no green styrofoam shows.

3. Take your next batch of candybars and do the same thing around the square layer and the small circular layer.'ll want to tie ribbon around it all so that it holds securely.

You can attach each layer but double looping your packaging tape and laying it down on the bottom of each layer, while stacking the next layer on top.

4. Take your gift cards and birthday card and attach them onto either a skewer stick or lollipop stick with Scotch tape on the back. Dig those right into the top layer of sytrofoam to secure.

That's it!
Surprisingly it didn't take too long, either!

Be prepared when transporting this.  It's HEAVY!  I had to place mine onto a cookie sheet and carry it in that way.

Decorating the teacher's classroom 
is also, a nice added touch.

{Although Carson did NOT think that it was funny that I put 21 on her sign. He adimantly had to keep telling me that she was older than that. Ha!!}

Best 2nd grade Teacher EVER!
We love Mrs. Alger!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A FROZEN themed Valentine + FREE printable.

The movie FROZEN seems to be ALL the rage these days with London and her peeps.

London's Peeps
Everything is 'Elsa this mom' or
  'I'm freezing that mom'.

She. is. OBSESSED!

Which is why I just KNEW that we needed to create her a FROZEN themed Valentine to pass out to the kidlets in her preschool class.

And guess what?
These Valentine's are SUPER simple to re-create if you'd like!

Just print and trim my free printable 
{scroll down for link}.

Grab a handful of FREEZEY pops {aka Otter Pops}
and roll em up.
{FYI: when Otter Pops are out of season, they can be found in the same aisle at the grocery store as the juice.}

Center the printable and roll and secure on each side with tape.

That's it.
How pain free and simple, right?!

For a copy of my FREE Valentine CLICK HERE.
{Does not say my daughter's name on it. Smile. I've left that space blank for your child to write in their name with a black marker.}

P.S. These printables ALSO fit around a standard sized Hershey's candybar.
But there's no FREEZE factor with that now, is there?

P.S.S. To see Grant's Valentine for this year...

Click HERE.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming to Christ is SWEET: New Beginnings Program

Remember how when I was released from my calling, I promised that I was still going to post cute Young Womens ideas as I find them?

Well I am DEFINITELY keeping up my end of the bargain with this post.

Our ward did the CUTEST New Beginnings last week and I am so excited to share these details with you.  I asked our new Young Womens president to write up just a short summary about the evening and this is what she had to say:

Our theme for our New Beginnings this year 

was "Coming to Christ is SWEET" to go along 

with the yearly theme "Come Unto Christ". We 

decided on red, white and pink decor since it 

was near Valentine's Day and easy to find at 

stores. We used a chalkboard look on our 

invitations, handouts and even used the 

chalkboard as our background (very cheap 

indeed!) We used a projector to put the image 

on the chalkboard and traced. The pennant 

banners were out of scrapbook paper and ric 

rac ribbon. Pink lights (can't really see in 

the the picture) were a nice touch. This 

theme could easily be made more fancy or even 

simpler. The program was short and "sweet", 

but really brought the spirit in. Then 

afterwards we had a fun photo booth wtih lots 

of props for the girls and their moms. The 

evening turned out really great! The take 

home gift was a notebook with the theme on it 

and the gift for the new beehives was a 

Gilbert temple handkerchief
(thanks for the idea Marci!) :)

This is the sign she projected onto the chalkboard and traced.

For their 'SWEET TREATS' they served:
Cake pops, cream puffs, cinnamon candied popcorn 
and cheesecake bars.

Photo Booth Props
{These are always SUCH A BIG HIT with the young women.}

Favors: 'Come Unto Christ' notebooks for the girls to take notes each week in. They used lots of different free printabls with the theme on these and used sticker paper. We put them in the bags with hugs and kisses (tag says XOXO).

My readers are SUPER lucky too, because Amy has offered to SHARE all of her FREE printables for your own use!


The font she used for the Date/Time was called
Sandwich Paper Light (a good chalkboard font).

And here is a blank copy of the invitation for you to edit with your own information....

To take a look at the program that was used you can click HERE.

Isn't it all DARLING?
I just knew you guys would LOVE it!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

This Weekend:

* London got a haircut.
Nothing major - 2 inches is as far as she'd go, once it came down to it.

* Afterwards, we stopped by two of our very favorite shops:
We needed to stock up on treats for Joe's birthday and also some Valentine goodies.

* Date night Friday night HERE.

Man this place is good.
{They serve the yummiest salad and bread before each meal!}
We were so stuffed afterwards that we skipped our normal dessert stop and headed home.

* Saturday was Joe's BIRTHDAY!
We started off the celebrations with the Pinewood Derby.

I love the fact that Joe gets to participate in the Cub Scouts with Grant {and soon Carson also!}
{He's their Cubmaster.}

Each year, I just pray that my son doesn't come in last.
That's all I ask.
And this year did not disappoint.
He did AWESOME! 
{After staying up until 2am the night before though, fixing his wheels, my husband is convinced it'd just be easier to BUY a winning car off of eBay next year. Chuckle.  I wish I was kidding.}

P.S. Aren't these treats THE CUTEST Pinewood Derby treats??
{The counselor in our Primary presidency made them!}

* Birthday lunch at Chili's afterwards.

*Long nap for both Joe and I Saturday afternoon.
{Sure thankful for kiddos who can self entertain themselves 
while we snooze.}

* London went to the cutest FAIRY THEMED party EVER Saturday night.

Sharing details of this perfect party later this week!

* Joe and I went and saw this movie Saturday night:

It was cute.  And funny.
Kevin Hart is HILARIOUS!

We came back home afterwards and ended the evening with birthday cake and ice-cream.

* Churchey-Church on Sunday.

* Family dinner at Joe's parents house Sunday night.

* Sobbed my way through this week's Parenthood after the kids went to sleep.
{Anyone else have this problem with that show??}

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Love to See the Temple.

This past week, our family had the opportunity to go through the brand new 

It was truly breathtaking.
Each room was SO stunning.

We were fortunate enough to take 2 different families with of Muslim faith and the other Catholic, and they were in AWE of it all. 

{And really, how could anyone NOT be?  Every last detail is perfect inside and out.}

A lot of my blog posts, revolve around the fact that I'm a Mormon.

For this, I will be forever grateful.

I love my faith and the knowledge of peace and comfort that it brings to me.

I know that families can be together forever.

I know that God lives.

Please, please, please do me a favor. 

If you live in the AZ area, PLEASE take a tour of this sacred building. 
There are still a few weeks left and it is open to EVERYONE!!!

PLEASE let me know if you're interested and I WILL GO WITH YOU!
The feeling inside of the Temple is like nothing else.
You WILL LEAVE, being spiritually uplifted.
And who doesn't need THAT?!?