Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A FROZEN themed Valentine + FREE printable.

The movie FROZEN seems to be ALL the rage these days with London and her peeps.

London's Peeps
Everything is 'Elsa this mom' or
  'I'm freezing that mom'.

She. is. OBSESSED!

Which is why I just KNEW that we needed to create her a FROZEN themed Valentine to pass out to the kidlets in her preschool class.

And guess what?
These Valentine's are SUPER simple to re-create if you'd like!

Just print and trim my free printable 
{scroll down for link}.

Grab a handful of FREEZEY pops {aka Otter Pops}
and roll em up.
{FYI: when Otter Pops are out of season, they can be found in the same aisle at the grocery store as the juice.}

Center the printable and roll and secure on each side with tape.

That's it.
How pain free and simple, right?!

For a copy of my FREE Valentine CLICK HERE.
{Does not say my daughter's name on it. Smile. I've left that space blank for your child to write in their name with a black marker.}

P.S. These printables ALSO fit around a standard sized Hershey's candybar.
But there's no FREEZE factor with that now, is there?

P.S.S. To see Grant's Valentine for this year...

Click HERE.


  1. And i thought grants valentne was super cute, good thing i waited just a little longer!

    1. Lol - thanks Julaine! I've got one more Valentine coming your way soon - - Carson's! Hope to have it posted soon. xoxo


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