Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming to Christ is SWEET: New Beginnings Program

Remember how when I was released from my calling, I promised that I was still going to post cute Young Womens ideas as I find them?

Well I am DEFINITELY keeping up my end of the bargain with this post.

Our ward did the CUTEST New Beginnings last week and I am so excited to share these details with you.  I asked our new Young Womens president to write up just a short summary about the evening and this is what she had to say:

Our theme for our New Beginnings this year 

was "Coming to Christ is SWEET" to go along 

with the yearly theme "Come Unto Christ". We 

decided on red, white and pink decor since it 

was near Valentine's Day and easy to find at 

stores. We used a chalkboard look on our 

invitations, handouts and even used the 

chalkboard as our background (very cheap 

indeed!) We used a projector to put the image 

on the chalkboard and traced. The pennant 

banners were out of scrapbook paper and ric 

rac ribbon. Pink lights (can't really see in 

the the picture) were a nice touch. This 

theme could easily be made more fancy or even 

simpler. The program was short and "sweet", 

but really brought the spirit in. Then 

afterwards we had a fun photo booth wtih lots 

of props for the girls and their moms. The 

evening turned out really great! The take 

home gift was a notebook with the theme on it 

and the gift for the new beehives was a 

Gilbert temple handkerchief
(thanks for the idea Marci!) :)

This is the sign she projected onto the chalkboard and traced.

For their 'SWEET TREATS' they served:
Cake pops, cream puffs, cinnamon candied popcorn 
and cheesecake bars.

Photo Booth Props
{These are always SUCH A BIG HIT with the young women.}

Favors: 'Come Unto Christ' notebooks for the girls to take notes each week in. They used lots of different free printabls with the theme on these and used sticker paper. We put them in the bags with hugs and kisses (tag says XOXO).

My readers are SUPER lucky too, because Amy has offered to SHARE all of her FREE printables for your own use!


The font she used for the Date/Time was called
Sandwich Paper Light (a good chalkboard font).

And here is a blank copy of the invitation for you to edit with your own information....

To take a look at the program that was used you can click HERE.

Isn't it all DARLING?
I just knew you guys would LOVE it!!


  1. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  2. What?!?!?! you were released. oh no. I loved coming by to see what you were up to. I'm sure you'll be greatly missed in your ward. On to a new adventure, do you have a new calling yet? I'll still be coming by for great ideas so keep them coming. : ) Working on our New Beginnings now and came to be inspired.

    1. Haha, yes it's true Tiffany. I am now the primary pianist which I LOVE! I of course, adored being in YW too,but playing the piano with not much responsibility is really quite nice :) And yes - I'll still continue to post YW ideas as I see them. Can't wait to see what YOU come up with. Your stuff is always so darling.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. This awesome! Our girls loved it! How can I download the editable invitation?

    1. Debbi - send me your email address and I'll email it to you if you're not able to click on this page and pull it up! xoxo

    2. Thank you so much! debbirex@gmail.com

    3. Hi Marci,
      Was I supposed to get an email from you or check back here? :)
      Thanks so much!


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