Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

My kids have really been cramping my style with the whole 'shopping thing' lately.

Today was the FIRST day I have been out to run errands all by myself since they have been out for Christmas break. {They go back Tuesday}. And I'll admit - - it was BLISS! 

Shopping sans kiddos is VERY therapeutic for me.  
Even if I don't buy anything! 
Top it off with a lunch with fun friends and I was on cloud 9 this afternoon!!

Just a couple of finds today...back to my regular FUN FINDS next Friday.
{I was enjoying my time alone so much today I didn't even remember to take photos!}

Spotted these cute little bins at Target for $3.99.
Thinking the pink chevron would make for a CUTE Valentine's gift...
filled up with Valentine's candy of some sort. 
They were found back in their plastic bins section.

Remember THIS handout I gave to my cute church girls awhile back?
They're back in the bins at Target - for $3. 
They're cute little pedicure kits - all wrapped up in a cute boot.
LOVE. them.

And I don't know about you...but now that Christmas is all packed up and put away...
I've officially got VALENTINE'S DAY on my brain.
Super excited.

How cute are these little girl dresses for the big DAY o' LOVE?


I think London is going to need BOTH of these dresses, don't YOU?!

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Both those dresses are adorable and would be perfect for my daughter who ONLY wears dresses, even in the cold winter here! There is no reasoning with my almost 5 year old !

    1. Oh I hear you Julaine - - mine! ;) Good thing for cute tights and cardigans to keep them warm!

  2. I totally agree about the shopping without kids!!!! I need that cute chevron bin!!!!