Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Target....ohhhh how I love me some Target.
Check out what I scored for London for only $4.38 a pair this week.... just cannot pass up shoes at that price!
Not to mention...they are darling.

Over in Target's endcap clearance section - - I spotted these adorable baby headbands.
I didn't pick any up but I'm thinking I should've STOCKED up to give for baby presents.
Only $1.50 for TWO.

Over at Wal-mart they are slowly getting out their Vday stuff.
 You know I'm a sucker for polka dot ANYTHING....
These 97 cent plastic tablecloths would be perfect for classroom/kidlet parties.

My last FUN FIND has to do with FROZEN the movie.


The movie Frozen has been ALL THE RAGE with London these days.
{We saw it in the theaters THREE times!}

I found the FREE PIANO SHEET music to the theme song HERE.
London LOVES for me to play it while she frolicks around the living room, pretend stomping ice everywhere.

Happy Weekend!
It's 75 degrees here in AZ and sunny.
Pure. Bliss.


  1. My daughter is obsessed with frozen too. She's wanted elsa's costume ever since we saw the movie and ive been hold out giving it to her for her bday at the beginning of feb! I think its almost harder for me not to just give her the costume already then for her to be so surprised when she finally opens it. Those shoes are so cute! Im a sucker for little girls shoes at target...if only they would still have some in two weeks...the only thng on sale here is winter boots! How many more months till summer?! Great finds!

    1. Thanks Julaine! Did you find a place to stay while you're here?

    2. We've had a little family drama since i emailed you, we almost had to cancel our trip. Thanks to my awesome sister, who is coming from ohio to take of my kids we can now continue our plans. Hopefully in the next couple days we can book them.

  2. I don't think my boys will care for frozen, I am jealous about the 75's foggy here :( if I had a girl, I would totally get those sandals. They are cute.

    1. Michelle - both my boys 9 and 7 actually enjoyed the movie! Wasn't so bad after all for em :)


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