Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

How about some more Valentine inspiration?

{Fact: Home Goods,TJ Maxx and Marshall's all have YET to receive their Valentine Decor here in AZ.  Super bummed out. How do I know? Well because I call Home Goods just about every day asking if it's come in.  They always have the BEST selection.  Apparently all of those stinkin' snow storms back East keep delaying their truck loads out here.}

Cute HEART wired basket found in the $3 bins at JoAnn's.
Would be SO FUN piled up with candy bars, all ready to give someone!

Also at JoAnn's - these cute LARGE mailboxes.
All Valentine decor is 40% off at JoAnn's right now, too.

At Wal-mart I spotted this cute 'Olaf' from Frozen Valentine Mailbox.
They got my wheels turning...
Has anyone seen FROZEN themed fruit snacks anywhere?!?

Cute chevron little mini take out containers.
Perfect size for m&ms or Hersheys kisses.
Wal-mart - $1.97 for a package of 5 or 6 {can't remember}.

And aren't these measuring spoons not the cutest things you've ever seen?
Only 97 cents at Wal-mart.
I DEFINITELY feel a PUN intended gift coming on with these.

Scored this cute little cloth banner at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.
I forget exactly how much it was but I KNOW it was under $5. Like maybe $2.99.
Deal, right?!

Ok so this FIND isn't so much as a FUN find as it is, a FUNNY find.
My almost 8 year old wants one of these for his birthday.

Appraently he's seen it on commercials?
He tells me he sweats too much at night and that THIS is the perfect solution.
Did I mention....he's only {almost} 8???

Shhhhh.....they had em at Target and I picked one up for him.

Last year he wanted deodarant. 
This year it's a 'Chillow'.
Gosh, I love him.


Happy Weekend!!!
On tap for us: 
Celebrating my hubby's bday
Grant's Pinewood Derby
more sports games.

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  1. Tjmaxx, home goods, and marshall have valentine stuff, really? Never thought to check there. Not that i need another store to check on holiday stuff! I also got a banner at hobby lobby but they didnt have that ne at ours. I like urs better.