Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Visiting Teaching Handout.

Good news readers: Now that I have some extra time on my hands, one of my goals this year is to create a cute Visiting Teaching handout for the sweet women I get to visit each month.

Just a little something EXTRA to show them that I care.

And as an added bonus: I'll be posting all of my ideas with free printables HERE!

{Have no clue what Visiting Teaching is? Click HERE.}

This month's VT message is focused on: 

Here's how I came up with my treat:
Kneaders opened up by my house.
{Holy Hannah - this is going to be dangerous!}

Their french toast is THE YUMMIEST french toast EVER!
{I could guzzle their syrup with a straw!!}

Their bakery is equally to die for.
They sell the cinnamon bread that they use for their french toast RIGHT THERE!!

How can I resist???

In thinking about the message for the month, the scripture John 6:35 kept coming to me and lo and behold, my idea came to life!

Such a super easy little goody to whip together.

1) Purchase your bread - - can be ANY kind you want!
2} Print out my FREE printable tag  HERE.
3) Punch a hole in it and tie it up with some cute ribbon!

Your VTers will be begging for you to come back each month!
{Lol....jk on that....but I'd like to think so!}

I just so happen to have a FANTASTIC Visitng Teacher that comes to ME each month to visit.
She's always doing sweet little things for me.

Here's what she brought this month...

A cute little shiny spade shovel!
She brought up the Allegory of the Olive Tree
 and talked about why it's so important for the Savior to constantly 'prune and nourish' us - - to help strengthen us and make us stronger!

Hope this helps your creative juices to start flowing!
Happy Thursday!


  1. This is darling! Thanks for sharing. PS I have a buttermilk syrup recipe that I think tastes almost exactly like kneaders...let me know if you want it. :)

    1. That's a no brainer Courtney - OF COURSE I want your recipe!!! :) Can you email it to me? xoxo

  2. Kneaders????? so jelly.

  3. I wanted to do something special this month but was getting stumped. Thanks for the ideas, i love vt-ing!!

  4. A Marci, I was hoping you were still going to be posting YW stuff just for the heck of it. Help a sister out! :)

  5. Oh my....these are adorable but I do my V.T. at the very beginning of the month so I won't be able to use them, just yet. I'm sure I can incorporate them into some other V.T. message somewhere along the line! Love your blog!

    1. Marsha - just MAYBE if I get myself motivated enough - I will actually get next month's done at the BEGINNING of the month! :) No promises though, haha!

  6. One of the sisters I visit was sick, so I handed her a loaf of bread with your message attached and have her an air hug. You never know when that will happen.
    As I read the February message I thought of that poem that starts, " It wasn't a lamb, but a sheep that stayed, in the story that Jesus told...." For a treat I have a couple of ideas: 1) a jar of dried soup mix with a plastic lamb, 2) an'I Spy' bottle, 3) a bottle of popcorn with one Red Hot to represent the ninety-nine and one.

    1. Love love love your ideas Kalleen - thanks so much for sharing!! I hope to work on mine this weekend and post them next week so stay tuned….xoxo

  7. LOVE this! Crossing my fingers you keep this up! :)


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