Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday, London and I were in desperate need of a pedicure.

{Ok...mainly just me...but she had had an allergic reaction the night before and I was feeling REALLY sorry for her and felt like spoiling her that day.}

* We headed home, baked chocolate chip cookies for the boys and their friends after school and then headed down to the park for the rest of afternoon.

If you've never visited Arizona in the winter time, you really need to add it to your list of to-dos.
It is quite possibly the BEST place to be right now.

75 and sunny.
Perfect park weather indeed!

* Joe called us up and told us to come meet him at the golf course where he had been playing, 
for dinner. How could we resist?

We sat outside on the patio and this was our view.
Mixed with the smell of fresh honeysuckles - - it was delightful.

We ended the evening at home by watching my 
ALL TIME VERY FAVORITE movie as a child.

Who else was in LOVE with this movie?!

I recently ordered it online so that I could show my kids.
Still cute. Still charming. 
And SO nostalgic to watch again, after all these years.

* Saturday was GAME DAY.
I spent the morning on the soccer fields with Carson...
Carson's look alike cousin Tyson came to cheer him on!
.....while Joe and my dad cheered on Grant over at the football fields.

Grant scored TWO touchdowns at the game and has been BEAMING ever since!

* Saturday was date night with some of our very favorite peeps.

Dinner HERE {yummm to their fajitas!}
with dessert at our new favorite spot afterwards...

I'm telling you - - if you have not stalked My Waffle Crush 
on facebook or instagram yet - you must!
Seriously to DIE for dessert waffles.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Sunday best!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new calling as primary pianist?
Because I seriously do.

We picked fresh oranges off of the orange tree in our backyard,
grilled steaks, made milkshakes
and watched NFL football for the rest of the evening.


On tap for MLK day tomorrow:
Our family takes a tour of the 
We are SO beyond excited for this! 


  1. We love Savannh Smiles. Funny, I was just telling my kids today that we called my youngest sister Savannah Smiles because she watched the movie so many times, cute movie!

  2. I hope that great weather continues when we come there. I think we'll have to add the waffle truck to our list of place to try!

  3. How awesome that you have an orange tree in your back yard??!! And I bet your new calling is so different from YW's, but still fun to be with all the kiddos. Gorgeout Temple!

  4. I loved that movie too! And we probably shared space down at the Gilbert temple Monday. It sure is gorgeous, huh?


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