Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine Party Invitation.

Joe and I host a Valentine's Party each year for some of our 
'couples friends' and we have so much fun doing it.

We serve dinner, play games and do a white elephant gift exchange.
There are always lots of laughs guaranteed!

I couldn't resist making up these invitations.
{I originally got this 'clever' little idea 
from my cute friend Liz.}
I saved it, from years back, just knowing I had to recreate it at one time or another.

This year WAS THE YEAR!

How could I resist ALL THESE puns?!?

If you'd like to re-create this invite {and why wouldn't you? Kidding.} - - 

* Wal-mart has the cheapest priced thongs. {Why do I feel weird saying that?}
* And this is how I attached them to the card stock - - 

Punched holes, looped em through and tied em in knots on the back.

Oh ya - and in my defense, I did include this disclaimer on each envelope:

Grateful to have such FUNNY friends who 'GET' my twisted humor.


  1. HILARIOUS!! You have endless amounts of creativity, I'm in awe at you!!

  2. Oh my gosh that is so funny! You are so much fun!! I love checking your blog! Thanks!!

  3. You have inspired me to have a Valentines party! Do you by chance have a way that I could use your invite but just change the information? I'm not very creative and if I try to make my own it won't be near as cute!

    1. I'd love to help ya out 'unknown' but I need your email address :) xoxo

  4. I sent you an email but I'm not sure if you have gotten it or if I sent it to the right place! My email is I seriously love everything you post! You are so good, and I don't know how you find the time to do all the things you do. I don't even know you but I think you're pretty amazing! :)

  5. Can I PLEASE get the invite too? My email address is

  6. May I get the invite too please? My email is


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