Thursday, January 2, 2014

Young Womens Birthday Gift ideas.

I've gotten LOTS of emails the past couple of months, inquiring as to what I was going to hand out to my Young Women this year for their BIRTHDAY GIFTS.

I never did narrow down my ideas to just ONE thing.
And lucky for you - - because TODAY I'm sharing ALL of my ideas for cute 
YW birthday gifts
that I've come across throughout the web-o-sphere these past couple of months.

Kara's Party Ideas
IN LOVE with this cute GUMBALL idea from Kara's Party Ideas.
She offers the printable for you to purchase and then you can print out however many tags you need.
If you're a local AZ peep - you could find the gumballs at my very favorite Candy shop.

Aren't these scripture zipper pulls adorable?
{Come Unto Christ is the new mutual theme for the year!}


And in keeping with the Mutual theme - I LOVE these cute bookmark lights, purchased from the $ store to go along with the attached tag.
Last year we handed out these fun Birthday Socks.
They were a BIG hit and you can read more about them HERE.

Had we not already handed them out...I'd be tempted to purchase THESE cute socks...
LDS Young Women
They're only $2 a pair!

Also loving this cute keychain.
I LOVE constant reminders of important messages.
Only $2.99 - but sometimes when you order this type of thing, 
they offer a discount if you order in bulk.

One last easy little idea.....
You could print out this cute FREE printable {4x6 size}
and then put them in these cute Ikea frames...
For only 99 cents!
Bargain, right?

It'd be something cute they could keep in their bedrooms for years to come!


  1. We are doing the gum and I already have them made! yay!! What I am dying to know is what are you doing for New Beginnings?!?!!

    1. Wow you are ON THE BALL!!! Jealous :) I actually just got released 2 weeks ago :( and had not yet planned our NB. My friend however, who was put in my place, and she has just started to plan hers and they are doing a 'Coming Unto Christ is SWEET' theme with a whole candy dessert bar type thing. xoxo

  2. you can send them a surprise gift from , i've used them like 5 times and it's real cool

  3. Wow! How nice of you to post this :) going to see what i can add to my closet now. I would love to make one for holiday party hostesses. What a great idea. Thanks to publish..

    great birthday gift ideas