Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Oh Target $ bins - - how I love you.....

LOVE these paper placemats for Easter time.
LOVE that kids can color while you prepare the meal
 {and not ask you a million times if 'it's done yet?'}

Also found these cute Crayola tissues - package of 3 for only $1.
You could maybe use them for - teachers, school, art party?

And over on one of the end caps at Target {by the party stuff} I spotted these little thingamajigs....
They're like the drums that have strings attached with 2 balls on each side - and they make a noise when you shake em? 

You know what I'm talking about???
Well they're on clearance and they'd be super fun for a Cinco de Mayo party.

I really really really love straws.
I use them ALL the time at home.
Aren't these STRAW TOPPERS perfect for a party or a bbq? 
LOVE that you can write names on em to keep your drinks straight.
{Found at Hobby Lobby}.

Also at Hobby Lobby - these little yummy balls of goodness.
{They had me at 'From the makers of Cookie Dough bites'.....YUM!}

And for my local sports fans - - JoAnns has all of their ARIZONA sports team ribbons on CLEARANCE right now. Perfect for for bows.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

March Visiting Teaching handout - Light of the World.

Can you believe March is here in only TWO more days?
{Haven't gotten your Feb. VT done yet? Click HERE.}

I must say - I am super proud of myself for getting the March VT handout done EARLY!
{That usually doesn't happen. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf?}

This month's lesson is on:

Of course - - I knew I wanted to do something based around LIGHT.

I found these adorable lightbulb glass jars from Hobby Lobby.
They're $1.99 - - but on sale THIS WEEK for 50% off so - only a buck a jar!

I LOVED this quote included in the lesson from Elder Henry B. Eyring.

I filled my jars with Lemonheads, although you could fill them with basically ANY type of little yellow candies: M&Ms, jellybeans, etc.

For a copy of my FREE PRINTABLE TAG click HERE.

If you don't live near a Hobby Lobby {I can't even imagine!!! Smile.}
then you could also attach this tag to: a flashlight or a small candle.

February VT Handout
January VT Handout

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Custom Spring & Easter Wreaths.

I've gotten a few requests and questions about my wreath in THIS post.
Sadly, I am all out of materials to make anymore BUT....

I am currently making these EASTER and SPRING-ish wreaths
and I wanted to share them with my lovely readers:

Totally customizable {is that even a word?!}.
Cost is $45 and wreaths measure 18" across.

If you need a wreath shipped anywhere in the U.S.- -  cost is $15 via priority mail.

Contact me if you're interested!
{Once I sell out, I'm done.}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

St. Patrick's Day decor...Coombs style.

This year marks a FIRST for me.
FIRST year that I've decorated my home for St. Patrick's Day.

{Can you believe I've usually SKIPPED right over it? 
{When it runs close to Easter, as it usually does, I ALWAYS choose Easter.}

Here's a PEEK at some of the GREEN-ish FUN around our house right now:

Subway Art canvas from Hobby Lobby.
I made the pinwheels a couple of years back for THIS event.
Split peas fill my vases around the house - - they're the PERF St. Patty's day filler.

Subway art in frame {FREE!} from eighteen25.

Yes - - even my front porch gets excited about holidays.

A little of my own chalkboard art hangs just oustide of our kitchen and family room.

Growing up, whenever I'd say to my mom "I'm so LUCKY"
she'd always correct me and say
  "Marci, you're not lucky - - 
you're BLESSED!" 

And she was right.


And the winner of my 
QUEEN OF MAIDS FREE House Cleaning promotion is:

Holly Galindo
Gilbert, AZ

Congrats Holly!  
Be sure to check your email - - all of your winning info. will be included in that!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun Finds Friday {but posted on Monday}.

Too many FUN FINDS this past week to skip over my regular post.

The Dollar Tree had these adorable chair covers.
Next time I go back I'm picking up 6 for my entire kitchen table.
{Honestly, why don't I just pick things up the first time I see them? It would make my life so much easier.}

Also at The Dollar Tree, these cute Birthday glasses.
Would be so fun to always have one of these on hand for the birthday boy or girl to drink out of, 
on their special day.

Have you checked out Target's Dollar bins lately?
Oh my.

LOVE these muslim drawstring bags.
Would be so cute with a painted stamp on there or something.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these lids for jars, 
so that you can instantly turn them into a vase for flowers.

How have I never discovered these before?
Are they brand new out there??
At Wal-mart they had these white plastic DECORATING eggs - - no need to boil your own..these do the trick! Only $1.97 for a dozen.
{Although but then what would you do when it's time to make 'deviled eggs' - an all time favorite Easter snack of mine!}

Also spotted..... these MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP Chips Ahoy!
{Mint + Chocolate = my FAVE!}

Ummm....not so sure about these Carrot Cake M&Ms.
Have they run out of flavors to try??
Anyone tried em?

JoAnn's had these yummy, delicious looking candles for only a buck.

And last but not least, spotted this funny sign at a local boutique.
So true folks. So true.
{Just ask my kids.}

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Weekend:

* I met the cute lady I Visit Teach for breakfast at Einsteins.
{Their bagels + Diet Coke are seriously the bomb.}

* Ran a few errands and then met up with some more fun peeps for lunch at Moreno's.
{'s the weekend.  Cooking is not an option.}
So fun to catch up with one of the sweet girls I taught as a Laurel.

* Friday afternoon we got a last minute call from my sis and bro-in-law, asking Joe and I if we wanted to go with them to a Phoenix Suns game.

Joe and I both LOVE basketball and so this was a no brainer.
What we didn't realize - was that we were about to be HOOKED UP that evening, 
thanks to my bro-in-law.

Yes, we were on the floor during practice time - watching the players warm up.
No, we didn't bring 2 different outfits to change into at halftime. 
We scored FREE Suns t-shirts and we needed to represent!

No big deal that we were this close, right?

We feasted on a 5 star buffet up in some fancy lounge that evening.
We all ate so much they practically had to roll us outta there!

Afterwards, {did I mention the Suns whooped the Spurs? Woot,Woot!} 
we got to go BACK onto the floor and shoot hoops ourselves.

Talk about a kid in a candy shop - - 
My husband was on CLOUD 9!!! 
I swear, he could not wipe that smile off of his face for the life of him.
SO MUCH FUN to watch.
We had SUCH a blast.
Best. Date Night. Ever!

* Boys' games on Saturday.

For once, their games did not overlap so Joe and I each got to see BOTH boys play.
Tough losses for both.
{Only 1 game each left...but who's counting?!}

* Pre-birthday celebration for London at Chili's afterwards.

* Spent the rest of the evening, wrapping presents and catching up on the new
 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episodes that I had missed.

Gosh I love Jimmy.
And his hashtag sketch.
And Brian Williams' rap.
And Justin Timberlake's History of Rap.
And Will Ferrell dressed as an ice dancer from Downtown Abby.
Etc, etc, etc.

* Sunday was my sweet diva's 5th birthday!!!

Per tradition, I decorated the kitchen table with presents and pictures of the birthday girl.

We went to church.
Had crockpot chicken for dinner {per London's request}.
And ended the festivities with cake and ice-cream and more presents.

Love this sweet girl of mine!


Fun stuff coming up this week:
My Fun Finds Friday post - is coming at you on Monday.
{Couldn't' you see? I was too busy eating out all day Friday to post! Smile.}

A new March Visiting Teaching handout is in the works.

My St. Patty's Day decor will make it's debut.

And local AZ peeps - Monday is the deadline to enter my QUEEN OF MAIDS house cleaning giveaway.  Having your house cleaned by someone OTHER than yourself is always extra dreamy. 
Be sure to ENTER!

Winner of the $75 VISA Gift Card.

And the winner of our BLUEBERRY $75 Visa Gift Card is......

Rayray Cartucci from Mississippi

Congrats Rayray!
I will be contacting you shortly!!
Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day ideas.

I don't normally get into MUCH of the 'St. Patty's Day mood'.
Up until this year, I've never even decorated much for it.
{Gasp! Right? ...I'll be sharing my decor soon.}

Not sure if it's that my kids now make a big fuss over EVERY holiday {wonder where they get that from!} or what - - but I'm actually a little excited to show some green around here.

Here are some fun things that we've done in the past to help spruce up the holiday:

Darn leprachauns took over our bathroom one St. Patty's Day!

And one of my most favorite events as a Young Womens President was this
 St. Patrick's Day BREAKFAST that we planned for our girls. 
 So. Much. Fun.
All the details HERE.


Did  you know I have 2 REALLY AWESOME GIVEAWAYS going on right now- on my blog?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2 hour FREE House Cleaning GIVEAWAY from Queen of Maids.

Today I am giving away something that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to treat myself with.
{And I'm incredibly grateful to have a husband that
 'GETS' my need to do so.}

House cleaning.

Have you ever had a professional come into your home and clean it up from top to bottom?
There is {almost} nothing more satifsying than to walk into your home and know that 
EVERY SINGLE room is clean! 

As a mom of little ones....this is something that RARELY occurs.  If you're like is usually interuppted, multiple times by requests and demands from your kiddos.  And you're LUCKY to have MAYBE one full room clean at any given time.

So when QUEEN of MAIDS contacted me about doing a 
to one of my Phoenix area local readers..... I was giddy with excitement.

Because this is something I

And guess what? It's SUPER SIMPLE TO ENTER! 
You only need to leave your name and email address by clicking right  HERE!
It doesn't get any easier than that!!
Contest ends Monday 2/24/14.
Queen of Maids will pick their winner at random and I will also post the winner right here on my blog.

For more cleaning tips {and who couldn't use some of those!} keep reading to see what 
Queen of Maids, themselves, have to say:

The end of our beautiful Arizona winter is right around the corner with spring waiting to take its place. The topic of spring cleaning will soon be popular in homemaking blogs and magazine articles. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of checklists, how-to’s and advice columns. Before you let these thoughts weigh you down, we have a few tips and tricks to make the experience a little easier. 
  • Clean room by room. While house cleaning, it is easy to become distracted and move from one project to another before finishing a single room. By working room by room, you can easily see the progress that is being made. It can also keep that pesky Arizona dust and other messes from being shuffled between rooms.
  • Work from top to bottom. The amount of dust that gathers in our homes in Arizona is scary.  Working from top to bottom can keep dust from falling on a freshly cleaned surface. Then it’s simple to vacuum up all of the dust that has made its way to the floor.
  • Spread the work out over time. Who has time to do all of their spring cleaning at once? A day away from other responsibilities is not an option for busy moms and working women. Instead of cramming every task into a single day, spread them out over a week, or even a month. By completing one room a day, or week, you can feel less overwhelmed while still accomplishing the main goal: a clean home.
  • Make a schedule. A good deep clean usually falls in line behind children, pets, work, friends, and so many other important things. A simple way to make sure spring cleaning makes it to the priority list is to make a schedule. Decide when you want to complete a task and commit to getting it done. Chores feel more important when given a deadline.
  • Hire a maid service. These tricks help to make spring cleaning less daunting and more do-able, but house cleaning can still build up. If you feel overwhelmed, think about hiring a maid service. There are cleaning services that cover many needs – from a regularly scheduled house cleaning to a onetime deep clean. A maid service can help to relieve the stress of fitting your house cleaning into an already busy schedule.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Young Womens Birthday Gift idea with FREE printable.

How cute are these BIRTHDAY GIFTS that my cute friend Amy is giving to her young women this year? And HOW LUCKY are my readers?! - because she's sharing her printable FOR FREE right here on my BLOG!

She originally got her idea from Kara's Party Ideas.
And the blank template that she used was originally from Adorable Antics.

You can download your FREE tag HERE.
{The ward spot is left blank for you to fill in yourself.}

You can fill these tubes up with value colored bubblegum balls OR regular ones as seen above.
If you can't find the clear plastic tubes, just put them in small clear cellophane bags.
{What teenager DOESN'T love bubblegum?!}

P.S. Thinking about whipping up a St. Patrick's Day tag - young women related-ish.
I've got a few ideas that I'm playing around with.
{St. Patty's Day is on a Monday, so you could hand them out to your girls the day before!}

But since I'm not in YW in anymore, I think I would have to charge a small fee {$1 or $2 and you could print it as many times as you like} to download make it worth my time.

Question --  is this something my awesome readers would be interested in?
Don't want to go to the effort if not.
P.S.S. I really do have the best readers/followers around!

Have you entered to win my
What are you waiting for?