Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2 hour FREE House Cleaning GIVEAWAY from Queen of Maids.

Today I am giving away something that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to treat myself with.
{And I'm incredibly grateful to have a husband that
 'GETS' my need to do so.}

House cleaning.

Have you ever had a professional come into your home and clean it up from top to bottom?
There is {almost} nothing more satifsying than to walk into your home and know that 
EVERY SINGLE room is clean! 

As a mom of little ones....this is something that RARELY occurs.  If you're like is usually interuppted, multiple times by requests and demands from your kiddos.  And you're LUCKY to have MAYBE one full room clean at any given time.

So when QUEEN of MAIDS contacted me about doing a 
to one of my Phoenix area local readers..... I was giddy with excitement.

Because this is something I

And guess what? It's SUPER SIMPLE TO ENTER! 
You only need to leave your name and email address by clicking right  HERE!
It doesn't get any easier than that!!
Contest ends Monday 2/24/14.
Queen of Maids will pick their winner at random and I will also post the winner right here on my blog.

For more cleaning tips {and who couldn't use some of those!} keep reading to see what 
Queen of Maids, themselves, have to say:

The end of our beautiful Arizona winter is right around the corner with spring waiting to take its place. The topic of spring cleaning will soon be popular in homemaking blogs and magazine articles. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of checklists, how-to’s and advice columns. Before you let these thoughts weigh you down, we have a few tips and tricks to make the experience a little easier. 
  • Clean room by room. While house cleaning, it is easy to become distracted and move from one project to another before finishing a single room. By working room by room, you can easily see the progress that is being made. It can also keep that pesky Arizona dust and other messes from being shuffled between rooms.
  • Work from top to bottom. The amount of dust that gathers in our homes in Arizona is scary.  Working from top to bottom can keep dust from falling on a freshly cleaned surface. Then it’s simple to vacuum up all of the dust that has made its way to the floor.
  • Spread the work out over time. Who has time to do all of their spring cleaning at once? A day away from other responsibilities is not an option for busy moms and working women. Instead of cramming every task into a single day, spread them out over a week, or even a month. By completing one room a day, or week, you can feel less overwhelmed while still accomplishing the main goal: a clean home.
  • Make a schedule. A good deep clean usually falls in line behind children, pets, work, friends, and so many other important things. A simple way to make sure spring cleaning makes it to the priority list is to make a schedule. Decide when you want to complete a task and commit to getting it done. Chores feel more important when given a deadline.
  • Hire a maid service. These tricks help to make spring cleaning less daunting and more do-able, but house cleaning can still build up. If you feel overwhelmed, think about hiring a maid service. There are cleaning services that cover many needs – from a regularly scheduled house cleaning to a onetime deep clean. A maid service can help to relieve the stress of fitting your house cleaning into an already busy schedule.


  1. I've never had anyone come into my home, but I think about it all the time.. shame I am in Canada, what a great great giveaway!

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