Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carson's Mustache Valentine.

My son is OBSESSED with all things MUSTACHE these days.
{For Christmas - he asked for a robot WITH a mustache.}

Which is why I just KNEW his Valentine this year had include some type of facial hair!

The heart + mustache was purchased in a package at Hobby Lobby.
{In the package there are 25 hearts and 25 mustaches.}
They are foam stickers so I just stuck em right onto each other.

The Big Hunk fun sized candybars were purchased at my local candy store.
ANY candy bar would do - I just thought that BIG HUNK went along well with the mustache theme.
{Also had my eye out for Mr. Goodbars but couldn't find any.}

To download a FREE copy of Carson's Valentines click HERE.

And since some of you might not live close to a Hobby Lobby - I created one page of tags with a mustache ALREADY printed on there. You can just place your candy underneath.

Have a fanSTACHEtic day!

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