Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Visiting Teaching Handout - The Good Shephard.

Since last month's VT Handout was such a hit - - I've decided to keep sharing them throughout the year...I hope you enjoy!

This month's lesson is on: 

What comes to your head when you think of the word SHEPHARD?
For was SHEEP!

I KNEW I wanted something to do with SHEEP so when I found these darling hand sanitizer holders at Bath & Body Works - - I just KNEW they had to be used!

Total Cost for handout = $6.

Now I realize that some don't want to spend that kind of money on a handout {which of course is totally fine!!} so I created another handout that you can print and give by itself or mabye with a plate of cookies.....

For a copy of these FREE printables you can CLICK HERE.

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I'll be posting these ideas monthly!!


  1. Love.Love.Love. Thanks,Marci!! You are the Best! :) I am already your follower!!

  2. Oh my, THIS is the best idea. Thank you for sharing your creative threads with all of us. <3

  3. Love your handouts - thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this! Thank you for this great idea. I have totally inactive sisters so I love giving them handouts like this. How funny that I gave them a loaf of bread last month and I wish that I would've known about your blog for last months handout! I will be checking back every month now.

  5. Love the sheep! So cute :) Thanks so much for the idea.

  6. Has anyone found these adorable sheep at their local B&BW? This is the cutest idea ever!!!

  7. Keep 'em comin Marci. Just printed these bad boys out this morning for VT. You are so awesome.


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