Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Oh Target $ bins - - how I love you.....

LOVE these paper placemats for Easter time.
LOVE that kids can color while you prepare the meal
 {and not ask you a million times if 'it's done yet?'}

Also found these cute Crayola tissues - package of 3 for only $1.
You could maybe use them for - teachers, school, art party?

And over on one of the end caps at Target {by the party stuff} I spotted these little thingamajigs....
They're like the drums that have strings attached with 2 balls on each side - and they make a noise when you shake em? 

You know what I'm talking about???
Well they're on clearance and they'd be super fun for a Cinco de Mayo party.

I really really really love straws.
I use them ALL the time at home.
Aren't these STRAW TOPPERS perfect for a party or a bbq? 
LOVE that you can write names on em to keep your drinks straight.
{Found at Hobby Lobby}.

Also at Hobby Lobby - these little yummy balls of goodness.
{They had me at 'From the makers of Cookie Dough bites'.....YUM!}

And for my local sports fans - - JoAnns has all of their ARIZONA sports team ribbons on CLEARANCE right now. Perfect for for bows.

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