Thursday, February 13, 2014


I was contacted this past week from the fabulous website
  Brilliant Earth Fine Jewelry 
to help participate in their 
Create a Little Love Campaign.

I am HONORED to get to do this.

My only directions were to create a photo that represented the word LOVE and to explain WHY I chose the things I did.

So here goes:

LOVE to ME means many things....

But when Valentine's Day approaches - it always reminds me of my childhood.
I grew up with a mom who LOVED baking.
And LOVED serving others.
And LOVED celebrating the holidays to the fullest.

Each year as a child, I helped my mom make dozens and dozens of pink heart shaped sugar cookies to deliver to friends and neighbors.

She taught me a great lesson about what it means to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

She ALSO taught me my great LOVE for baking and spending time in my kitchen. 
{My husband and kids will forever be grateful for that, too!}

Just yesterday I made a triple batch of my mom's sugar cookies and my kids helped me deliver them to church teachers, friends and neighbors.  Now that I have my OWN kids - - I hope to pass this same  element of LOVE and SERVICE, that was passed down to me from MY mom, to now my very own children.

So there you have it.
I guess you could say that my
revolves around sugar cookies this time of year.

{And my}

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  1. marci, I feel the same way!.. growing up it was actually my dad that baked.. a lot, and now that I am a mom, I love baking, AND especially at holiday times, just making that extra effort to make memories. I always tell Dayna, when I die I want my kids to think my mom made holidays special for us... even if they are 80yrs old :)