Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Wednesday.

* Cannot get enough of THIS song lately by Pharrell Williams.
My kids like it because it's from Desicable Me.
I like it for it's upbeat message.
{Plus I love Pharrell!}

* Speaking of songs...I can hear THIS song over and over and over again and never get sick of it.

* Glamour Shots.
Why are people still doing this?
There was a GROUPON for it the other day.
For Reals.
I'm almost willing to say that {most} selfies look less obnxious than Glamor Shots and their cheesey props. And this is saying A LOT because selfies {sorta} bug me.

* Wanna know a pet peeve of mine?
Parents who intentionally want their kids to look smart in front of you...but they pretend that that's not what they're reall doing.

For instance - at the park the other day a random mother with her loudest voice had to say to her little toddler, "Bobby, spell your name for me.... Say the letters....Now spell your last name".

She was doing it just to show-off to me, I just know it.
{P.S. Hey lady - your son only has 3 different letters in his name. It's not rocket science.}

* Can we PLEASE oh PLEASE do away with all of the QUIZZES
bombarding facebook lately.

Seriously people....

Do you really think that by answering a few short questions, it has the possiblity of telling you that you're MOST like Bella from Twilight? Or Janet from Three's Company? {Jk I made that last one up.} What KILLS me is when people follow up with their test results saying..." Really? I thought I was more of so and so." Or...."Spot on...I knew I was just like him".

These are FICTITIOUS characters, people!!! 

* I ran into Bath and Body Works today to grab some soap {my favorite!} and guess what the lady working there told me?

She said that as of Feb. 17th they are no longer selling their current ANTI-BACTERIAL soap.  They are switching to an exfoliating soap that does not kill germs.  Because get this...they had TOO MANY COMPLAINTS about their current soaps!

Too many complaints?!? About the soap being ANTI-BACTERIAL???
Isn't that 'soaps' MAIN JOB? To kill germs?!
I was a tad than more disappointed.

* Joe and I also went into Toys R' Us together tonight.
We were looking for this exact thing for London's 5th birthday coming up... was $99.99?!?
Are you kidding me? No thank YOU!
Does anyone out there know where on earth I can find this Frozen castle for CHEAPER?

Also spotted at Toys R' Us....

A 'TEEN' version of the Little Mermaid?

A) Why must toymakers SKANK UP every innocent toy out there possible. {Thing Bratz dolls!}
B) I'm pretty sure that sweet little Ariel as the Little Mermaid DID NOT look this skanky as a teen.
Am I Right?!

And one more thing about Toys R' Us - - what the heck ever happened to Geoffry the Giraffe?
Their mascot?
Haven't seen him in YEARS! Not in advertising OR the store's sign.

Ok enough with the rambling....I saw this quote on Pinterest and instantly LOVED it!.......

Word. We would all be a little happier if we remembered that.

And to end on a funny note, here's a couple of ecards that have had me laughing lately because they are OH SO relatable!
I do that ALL the time!



  1. I love love love bath and body works soaps... But our family had to stop using their antibacterial soap. We switched to Dr. Bronners all natural soaps because the antibacterial soap was literally eating the skin off of mikes hands. It was so gross. And I mean I guess I get the other reasons why they are pulling it off the shelves. But I wish they could come up with a way to get Bath and Body Works smells into other soaps. Because there is no comparison!

    This has been all over the news. Why they are getting rid of antibacterial soaps...

    1. Really Brooke? So interesting! You'd think that they'd be able to come up with a combo of like a mild anti-bacteria + all natural stuff or something.You'll love the new BB soaps then - - they smell DELISH! And of course, I'm sure I will still continue to buy them :) Just loved the whole anti-germ thing for my kiddos who are covered in germs on a daily basis! ;)

  2. this has been interesting, I love their soaps too, but Ella ( who also uses them all the time), constantly has hands that are raw, red, bleeding, but they said it wasn't eczema, so I wonder if it is the soaps? mmhh.. I love that store, no matter what I go in for, I do a little happy dance LOL

  3. Check Zulily. They had a bunch of Frozen things the other day.

  4. At our neighborhood elementary I was really shocked to find out that antibacterial wipes and soaps are BANNED! I guess because there are studies that it causes infertility in children and the chemical actually doesn't kill as much of the bad bacteria as it kills the good bacteria naturally on your skin that protects your body from the bad bacteria. I love Dr Bronners soaps! Like someone once told's like dawn on crack! Haha.

    1. Interesting Heather! And thanks for the tip!! :)