Tuesday, February 25, 2014

St. Patrick's Day decor...Coombs style.

This year marks a FIRST for me.
FIRST year that I've decorated my home for St. Patrick's Day.

{Can you believe I've usually SKIPPED right over it? 
{When it runs close to Easter, as it usually does, I ALWAYS choose Easter.}

Here's a PEEK at some of the GREEN-ish FUN around our house right now:

Subway Art canvas from Hobby Lobby.
I made the pinwheels a couple of years back for THIS event.
Split peas fill my vases around the house - - they're the PERF St. Patty's day filler.

Subway art in frame {FREE!} from eighteen25.

Yes - - even my front porch gets excited about holidays.

A little of my own chalkboard art hangs just oustide of our kitchen and family room.

Growing up, whenever I'd say to my mom "I'm so LUCKY"
she'd always correct me and say
  "Marci, you're not lucky - - 
you're BLESSED!" 

And she was right.

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