Thursday, February 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day ideas.

I don't normally get into MUCH of the 'St. Patty's Day mood'.
Up until this year, I've never even decorated much for it.
{Gasp! Right? ...I'll be sharing my decor soon.}

Not sure if it's that my kids now make a big fuss over EVERY holiday {wonder where they get that from!} or what - - but I'm actually a little excited to show some green around here.

Here are some fun things that we've done in the past to help spruce up the holiday:

Darn leprachauns took over our bathroom one St. Patty's Day!

And one of my most favorite events as a Young Womens President was this
 St. Patrick's Day BREAKFAST that we planned for our girls. 
 So. Much. Fun.
All the details HERE.


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  1. you would think st paddy's day would be my favourite been from Great Britiain, but it's hardly celebrated at all there, unless you are a drinker, and then it's a pub crawl.. that's it, no one celebrates.. I need to get into the groove, I hardly do anything either LOL