Monday, February 10, 2014

Teacher Valentine + Free Printable.

As promised - - today I {finally} share with you the Valentines that my kiddos will be giving to their teachers this year.  I made something up like this a few years back, but never LOVED my tag so it was definitely time for a re-do.

This is gift is SO easy to whip up.
My popcorn buckets were purchased from The Dollar Tree.
A package of 2 for $1.

They come in either the BIG bucket sizes, or the SMALLER rectangular sizes.

Next - fill them up with your teacher's favorite treats, a favorite bottle of soda, and if you want, a movie ticket to your local theater or a little gift certificate to something like Redbox.

And don't forget the microwave POPCORN!

You can really go as BIG or as SMALL as you'd like with this gift.
Isn't it fun??

For a copy of my FREE PRINTABLE tag, click HERE.
{It's best to print onto white cardstock and then just trim around the edges.}

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