Sunday, February 16, 2014

This {Valentine's} Weekend:

You know I love holidays, right?
But as MUCH as I DO love any reason to these holidays tire me out!
{Does it you too?!}

Couldn't have asked for a better day though.
So grateful to have been able to spend the day with the ones I love MoSt!

Here's how our Day o' Love 
{and weekend!} went down:

The kids woke up to their traditional Valentine Breakfast....

 Also per tradition were paper cut out hearts, leading them from their bedrooms to the kitchen...

They each got a little something....

....As did Joe.

Mt. Dew + See's Chocolates = the way to my husband's heart.
And it's not a REAL holiday unless I give him a card with a good FART innuendo.
{Can you blame me? FARTS are FUNNY!}

The kids wore their Valentine shirts to school....

.....and I was lucky enough to help out with both of the boys's class parties.

L: Grant and his fabulous teacher
R: Carson's 2nd grade class
London and I both got flowers from Joe...

LOVE how he always gets her, her own.

....and we ended the day by having our cute sister Missionaries over for a special Valentine dinner followed by Valentine Bingo, pink cinnamon rolls and a bike ride around the 'hood.

* Saturday games for the boys.

I was one proud momma bear too.
Carson scored his FIRST goal EVER in soccer!
And Grant scored another touchdown!!

We celebrated by getting haircuts {ok not really celebrated}.

How have we JUST NOW discovered Sports Clips?
The boys thought they were in HEAVEN with their hot towels, neck massages and free sodas!
We will definitely be back.

Plus dinner at Five Guys.
{Seriously....I think I love their burgers the very best!!!}

* Saturday night we kicked it at home so Joe could get some work done.
I worked on some bloggy-blog stuff that I am MORE than excited to share with you this week.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Our primary kiddos started learning THIS sweet song for Easter.
How have I NEVER heard this song before?
It may just be my new fave.

* Fun friends over for dinner Sunday night.
We BBQ'd burgers and hotdogs - - have I mentioned it's been in the 80s out here this weekend?
PERFECT grilling weather, if you ask me.

Guess what?  I almost have 5,000 followers on my Pinterest page.
{What the what?} 
Truly honored that people find my 'pins' interesting enough to follow.
{You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.}

So guess what this all means?!?
I have a few BIG giveaways going on this week in celebration.
You WON'T want to miss them.
Be sure to check back tomorrow
 for my first one.....


  1. ooh so fun! I love love the holidays, but the day it's over, everything gets put away LOL
    you are in the 80's? we are barely above 0.. and we are like wooohooo hahaha

  2. Love this! Maybe I will try next year! If you need a post idea, I would love to see how you decorate your home. I always love what I see in the pics and am moving to a new house soon and need decorating ideas!!!!