Monday, February 3, 2014

This Weekend:

* London and I visited my mom in the hospital.
She had total knee replacement surgery and I was given STRICT instructions to take NO photos of her while I was there.
She is home now and managing the pain the best that she can.
Besides the fact that her new iphone 5 got stolen from her dresser drawer IN the hospital WHILE she was sleeping {CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!}....she is doing well.

* We picked up lunch from In & Out, per Carson's request, and headed up to have lunch with him at school.

He was chosen as the STAR STUDENT of his class last week and was on cloud 9.

* Friday night date night with FUN friends.

This was our view on the drive to dinner.
AZ really does have the BEST sunsets.}

Dinner at El Zocalo.

Dessert at the My Waffle Crush truck.
Yes, we might have an obsession.
My favorite? The Nana - with Biscoff instead of Nutella.

* Saturday sports games for the boys.
A win and a loss.
One happy boy, one sad boy.

* Date night Sat. night with more FUN friends.

We tried a new joint that is a MUST if you are local 
{OR live in Chicago because that's where this restaurant is from}.

It's called Portillos - there's one at Tempe Marketplace and one in Scottsdale.

They serve really healthy stuff like: chili cheese dogs, burgers, fries, shakes, onion rings....
JUST our type of place.
We stayed and chatted and laughed for almost 3 hours with our friends.

* Came home and watched Melissa McCarthy host SNL.

{Favorite. Skit. EVER!}

She did not disappoint.  Just listening to her TALK makes me laugh.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
{Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new calling? I have? Ok cool.}

* Superbowl Party at our house with all of my siblings.
So many good eats.

Sharing my recipe for the BEST chicken salad sandwiches EVER later this week.

Commercials I loved: Doritos, Coca-Cola, Radio Shack.
Halftime performance LOVED! 
{Minus the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What was THAT?!}


Can you believe it's FEBRUARY already???

Lots of fun stuff to share this week: Carson's Valentine, an easy TEACHER Valentine, February's Visiting Teaching handout and... party prep for our annual Valentine party.

Happy Monday!


  1. i can barely wait for this weeks posts!!!!
    oh that hot dog thingy, looks sooo good right about now, I have been off carbs for 18 days.. aghhh

  2. Did you try the chocolate cake?! It is sooo good! My friend often just picks us up some cake and we are good to go with a chocolate fix! We have one of those about a mile from our house. Make sure your mom follows and does all her physical therapy it will make a huge difference. Best of luck to her withrecovery.