Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Weekend:

* London and I brought lunch to my mom at her house
{plus a balloon that London informed me 'Grandma NEEDED!}

My mom is recovering from her knee replacment surgery and it's {sorta} been the pits for her.
Lots.  of.. pain. 
London thought it was pretty cool to use Grandma's SWEET new walker all around the house.
* Friday night Joe and I met some of our favorite friends for dinner at Rudy's.
Hooolllly Smokes this place was GOOD!
{And I'm not even a HUGE BBQ fan!}

Their beef brisket was literally to die for.
I had mine on top of a stuffed potato and it was DELISH!!
We will definitely be back.

* Saturday morning I met one of my very best friends for breakfast.

She lives in Florida now and it was SO FUN to catch up with her and her cute little baby.

{Fun fact: Kami is ALSO Joe's cousin and the one who introduced us. I would say she's... 99.9% of the reason we got married.}

* Games for the boys afterwards.
Carson's soccer team lost, again. The score was something like 112 - 1.
{Ok not really - but it was pretty brutal.}

* Saturday night was our Annual Coombs Valentine Bash!
We had some of our very favorite peeps over for a night full o' FUN!

Place Settings.
Tomorrow I'll share all of the juicy deets {party favors, games, etc.}
So thankful for such a fun bunch of friends.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Pot roast for Sunday dinner {it's been a few weeks!}

Can you believe it's already VALENTINE's DAY this week?!

Joe and I will be going out to celebrate on Tuesday night.
{We don't like going out on the actual evening of Valentine's - - too busy and too long of waits. 
Plus, we like doing a special little family dinner with the kids at home that night.}

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