Monday, March 31, 2014

This Weekend:

* I went with the cute lady I visit teach to breakfast HERE.
Gosh I love this place. AND the lady I VT.

* Friday night we kicked it at home.
Ordered pizza and then sent the kids upstairs to watch the Disney channel while Joe and I watched a 2 hour Dateline.
{I myself, prefer Dateline when it's just an hour.}

* Saturday morning I met 2 of my very favorite teachers {and friends!} for breakfast HERE.
Ate out on the patio, it was so nice!
Grant and Carson's school teachers.
I know I say this all the time, but I'll say it again.
We have been blessed with THE BEST teachers in the world for our children.
It's not very ofen you can 'hang' with them on the weekend - - - and enjoy it!

* Saturday night I attended the LDS Womens Broadcast 
with my mom, sisters and nieces.

What a special evening.  
I think I cried through every single song, and each video clip shown.
Cannot wait until they post it all online.
My heart was very touched.

*Dinner afterwards with the girls HERE.
{Bleh - didn't love the food.}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We went to my parents ward and heard both my mom and dad speak.
I love hearing them give talks.

* With their church being so early in the morning, I was able to come home and take a....
3 hour nap!
I cannot remember the last time I was able to do that.
It. Was. Bliss.

* Dinner at my parents house Sunday night.
My dad bbq'd burgers and they were divine.
{As were the brownie sundaes my mom served for dessert!}

* Sun. night we tucked the kiddies into bed, popped some popcorn, and watched SNL from the night before. We've been watching SNL together since we've been married and I swear, we usually die laughing our heads off at some of those skits.

On tap for this week:
* Finish craft room
*Start preparations for the Stake Young Womens Medallion dinner that I am in charge of.
* Organize, organize, orgainze.  The Spring Cleaning fever has hit me HARD!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

April Visiting Teaching Handout.

This month's Visiting Teaching Lesson is on:

I have really LOVED the past few messages this year and their focus on our Savior.

I actually did up TWO different handouts this month for my readers to choose from.
With it being a holiday this month - I couldn't NOT do one based around an Easter theme.

For either of these handouts you'll need:
Either - - -
L: A package of ANY type of Lifesavers.  I found my box for $1 at Target.
R: Any type of chocolate bunny. OR....even a stuffed bunny would work as well.

Lifesaver Handout HERE.
Bunny Handout HERE.

As always - please make sure to become an official follower of my blog {right hand side under 'Join Site'}.
 *Ideas are posted daily!*
Happy Visiting Teaching!
Past Visiting Teaching Handouts from 2014

Past Visiting Teaching Handouts from 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Ikea.  I have such a LOVE/HATE relationship with this place.

LOVE? Their knick-knacks, meatballs and play place.
HATE? Everything else.

I dropped London off last week in the play place and had a whole hour to browse in the store.
{I could've used another hour, too!}

How cute are these containers?
Only $2.99!

LOVING the nautical theme they have going on with some of their paper goods.
Perfect for summer!

These striped candles are screaming my name for 
Memorial Day thru the 4th of July.

Over at Target...

Bakers twine.
For only $1!!!  
I need to stock up.

Also loved these tags back in their organzition section.
Chalboard and Dry Erase.
You attach em to baskets - LOVE how easy it would be to label things with these.

One Direction anyone?
{I'm usually all about the teeny-boppin bands 
but I couldn't tell you any of these guys' names if you PAID me.} 

Backpacks for 70% off.
{Or maybe it means....they're not so popular anymore?}

In the clearnce section at TJ MAXX I spotted these cute little  - - -
greenery thingamjigs
that would look SO CUTE on your windowsill or a shelf somewhere.

And last but not least......

I totally need this mat.
I have such O.C.D. when it comes to leaving my house and wondering if I turned off my straightener.
{Many a times have I turned around down my street and come back home to check.}
Found over on ETSY.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Eleven.

Today marks ELEVEN years since I married this handsome devil.
We celebrated today by going out to brunch at one of my very favorite places.

We always like to find each other funny cards - - this is the one I gave to him.
It couldn't be more fitting for us.

Let the Games Begin
Don't we look so young? And thin? And carefree?

Because it makes us wanna gag when people go ON and ON and ON in public about how much they love their spouse.....

I'm sharing how I feel about MINE with one of my very favorite movie clips EVER.

Clip ends at :33

Happy Anni Joe!
Loves da bubbs.

Young Womens General Conference Motivators and Handouts.

In just a week and a half, our church will be able to watch our living prophet Thomas S. Monson speak in General Conference.  

For those not familiar with my religion -
General Conference = the first weekend of October where our Prophet and his apostles speak to their congregation from all over the world, in Salt Lake City.  It is broadcast live over the internet and cable television.  There are 4 - 2 hour sessions. In lieu of going to church on that Sunday....we stay at home and watch 'conference' on TV.
 To learn more about it you can click HERE.

This is easily one of my most favorite weekends of the year! 
It's a chance to be edified and spiritually uplifted.  And who doesn't need a little of that?

If you teach the Young Womens, and are looking for a little way to encourage your girls to WATCH General Conference....I've done a litte round-up of some ideas.

I've found that you can hand these out: The Sunday BEFORE General Conference, the Mutual night BEFORE General Conference, or sometimes, I've hand delivered them to my girls the NIGHT BEFORE General Conference so that it was fresh on their minds.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2fer Tuesday {but really on Wednesday}.


Justin Timberlake "Not A Bad Thing"

This song deserves a serious OMG {in my best 'valley girl' voice}.
I cannot GET. ENOUGH.
I've seriously had it on REPEAT for hte past few days.
Listen HERE

John Legend "All of Me"

This song is DREAMY and that's all there is to it.
If you like Love Songs - than you'll LOVE this one too.
Listen HERE


This quote that I just discovered in the latest issue of  Woman's Day.
As a mom of youngsters....often times I don't feel like I'm REAPING much at all come the end of the day.  BUT....I am definitely {hopefully} planting LOTS AND LOTS of seeds and that's truly what matters in the long run, right?!

My two new candles from Gold Canyon.
Sweet Pea & Cucumber Melon.

These two scents remind me of all things SPRING AND SUMMER and I LOVE THEM!
{They also remind me of when Joe and I were first married and living in an apartment. Good times. Fun Random Fact: Our 11th anniversary is tomorrow!}

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scripture Cookies + Cooking Quiz = a FUN activity for ALL.

* I'm currently going through my archives and updating old lessons and handouts. I get multiple emails a day about these lessons so I've decided it was time to freshen the posts up a little!
Originally posted 8/2011
Updated and Revised 3/2014

I have gotten literally hundreds of emails, the past few years about these Scipture Cookies.
Until now, I've only been able to offer the recipe as a printable.  
But NOW....with a little extra time on my hands....I can offer the COOKING QUIZ as well!
 I'm super excited about it.  Who knew that this little church activity would be so popular?!  
{Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post to download printables.}

One night I had my cute Laurels {the 16 to 18 year old girls in my church} over to my house for a little Recipe/Cooking night.

  Each girl was asked to bring FIVE recipes and then....make ONE of those recipes and bring it to share.  We had quite the little feast!  

Because I'm {slightly} obsessed with handouts and favors...I made these up for each of the girls:

You can purchase the spoons in bulk HERE if you have a big group to make them for.

Scripture Cookies: The idea is to look up the scriptures given, for the ingredients needed to make this recipe.  
{Hint: they are yummy oatmeal raisin cookies}.  

I challenged them each to go home, figure out the answers, and make up a batch.
{Extra points if they brought one to share with me.  Kidding.  But that would've been a good idea!}

I'm also {kinda} obsessed with quizzes....which is why I couldn't resist making up a little 'Coombs Cooking Quiz'.

 I was curious to see just how much the girls knew about cooking.

I've edited the quiz now without my name and it's now titled:
So You Think You Can COOK?
{The answer key is on the last page.}

Oh yeah... I also made up THESE delicious Pina Colada cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
They are a MUST try.

This night was SO MUCH FUN and the girls seemed to REALLY enjoy it!

Scripture Cookies Printable HERE.

Cooking Quiz Printable HERE.

As always...if you download my printables {which makes me VERY happy that they are being used!} please become an 'OFFICIAL FOLLWER' of my blog
 by clicking on the blue bar titled
{New followers makes me EVEN happier!}

My cute first bunch of Laurels
I sure miss these cute girls.
They're all grown up now - - - in college and married.
They'll go on to do AWESOME things in this world.
I'm sure of it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Easter decor.

 Our house is officially decked out with ALL THINGS EASTER!
Bunnies and pink EVERYWHERE!

As are a few of my favorite spots:

I ADORE this free printable I just printed off,
 courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road.
Pop it in a frame and it's INSTANT decor.

{Side note: That candy in my jar never lasts longer than a day in our house!}

Made this wreath last year and it was uber easy.
Feather wreath + egg garland and hot glue.

I also LOVE my Pottery Barn Easter tree.
I've wanted it FOR YEARS and finally splurged when it went on sale.

Every year I try and buy one new thing to add to my holiday collection.
This year - it was this cute wooden bunny bunting from Home Goods.

And of course,
 each holiday is not complete without a matching wreath for your front door, right?

Happy Easter Season!
We've got LOTS of fun things in store and I can't wait to share them with you!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Weekend:

* I took the kiddos to see....

Let me just say that I was
PLEASANTLY surprised at 
HOW GOOD this one was!

Like wayyyyyyy cuter than the one a few years ago.
Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais are hilare.
{And they showed THIS preview and AGAIN....I cried when I saw it.  What is WRONG with me?}

* Afterwards, my sister took London to get a pedicure {and manicure}...
Yes....she's spoiled
* Our Friday night date consisted of dinner HERE...

It was our first time trying this place.
It was....meh.
Just ok. 
We split the bbq platter and the only thing worth mentioning were the ribs.

* Afterwards we headed to a couple of my favorite places.

If that doesn't SHOUT ROMANCE, I don't know WHAT does!

I'm in the process of re-doing my craft room and I told Joe that for our date night, I wanted him to go with me to the store and pick out a cabinet and we'd put it together.
{And by 'WE' I really meant - - 'HE'D' do it and I'd just bring him a Diet Mt. Dew
 whenever he asked for one.}

Other things worth mentioning from that evening...

My craft room really does look like a tornado ripped through it...

....and we let our kids stay up until midnight that night.
{Hey, we're on Spring Break! They're normal bedtime is 7:30!}

* Saturday morning I did something I haven't done in years.
I went garage sale-ing.

I'm on the hunt for a new dresser for the boys' room.
It has to be dark wood {or navy blue} with at least 6 drawers.
Oh yeah - and it has to be cheap. Like under $200 cheap.

{Have you priced dressers in real furniture stores?
Good gosh! They're like at least $500.}

I came up empty handed that morning but it was still fun to look.

* Saturday afternoon
we cheered on my nephew Tyson and his Basha Highschool drumline.

Good gravy, those drummers move around SO fast, it was hard to get a pic!
They rocked their competition and placed FIRST!

* Saturday night we grilled burgers and went on a bike ride with the kiddos.

We delivered banana bread to our cute Sister Missionaries.

Taking a break outside of the missionary's house.
About 5 minutes after this pic was taken, we had 
2 minor crashes, 
1 small injury 
3 kids in tears.

Fun times had by all.
{Insert sarcasm}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Today was one of those days I felt, where all of the stars aligned for our kids in Sacrament meeting and Joe and I were ACTUALLY able to listen to the talks given.

One of the talks given was based off of THIS conference talk and it spoke to my heart.
LOVE when that happens.

* Joe's parents came over for dinner Sunday night.
We grilled steaks and ate out on the patio.
Perfect. Weather.

London introduced Grandma Marilyn to the Disney Princess Royal Ball app...

Grandma is such a good sport!
And we ended the evening with one of my all time favorite spring/summer desserts.
Strawberry JeLLo Poke Cake with fresh marinated strawberries on top!


The kids go back to school this week after a 2 week long Spring Break.
Not so sure I'm looking forward to that...we've {mostly I've} been sleeping in until 10:00 every day!

Back to Life.
Back to Reality.