Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

{I don't know about you but I always need something to LOOK FORWARD to.  Whether it be eating out, a trip, something fun with my family....it's nice to have SOMETHING 
to get excited about!}

Grant, Carson and London with their cousin Chloe.
Duck Creek, UT July 2012
1.  The 4th of July.

Our Lamoreaux family has booked our cabin up in Duck Creek, UT again for the week of the 4th.
This is one of our MOST FAVORITE things to do in the summertime.

4th of July in Phoenix is about the worst thing possible.
4th of July in Utah 
is about the BEST thing possible.
Perfect weather, parades, fireworks, ice-cream cones....WE LOVE IT!!

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas March 2013
2.  Another Cruise.
It's in the works and we probably won't go until October - but it's never to early to start planning.
Its Joe and I's very favorite way to vacation together.
We've done Holland America, Celebrity and Princess - and this time we are trying Norweigan.
{Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how we scored this cruise for FREE! 
You'll be amused, really.}


BB Works

1.  My latest Bath and Body Works
 Strawberry scented candle.
{I really should be a spokesperson for them, right?}

Their candles ROCK!

2.  Jimmy Fallon as the new
 Tonight Show host.
Oh. My.
I love that man.
Did you see last night's "LET IT GO" *school instruments* performance with Idina Menzel?
Holy Cow it was good.
{Not to mention...Idina!}
Watch it HERE to be amazed.


The other day someone commented on my blog that they couldn't picture my house ever being a wreck.  They said I seem so 'put together' all the time.

I laughed.  Out Loud.

If one were to run into me on any given day - - I would be in my sweats, with no make-up on and my hair pulled onto the top of my head.  It's how I roll.  
It's how I even go out to do my errands, most days.

My house?  There's usually dishes in the sink to be done.  
Night time pull-ups in the trashcan to be emptied, stinking up my upstairs.
And you can usually count on a good skid mark or two in our downstairs toilet.

So now....can you see why I laughed OUT loud.
I'm so glad my blog portrays me has 'having it all together'. 

And for further evidence that yes - things get nasty around here...

Last week we got new carpet. 
It was time.

We've lived in our house for 9 years now and our family room carpet was shot.
There had been numerous sippy cup spills, muddy feet and potty training accidents on this carpet. 
Although it had been steam cleaned MANY a times - - it was time to see it go.

We had a company come in and install it, but first we had to move out ALL of our family room furniture to do so.  

Want to see how nasty things were once we moved everything out?
{I'm gettin real REAL with my readers here by exposing this nastiness...}

Unbeknownest to my husband and I - our kids had literally been TRASHING things behind our couch for who knows HOW long!  We found chip bags, sucked on lollipops, chewed up bubblegum, Grant's ipod that had gone missing for the past YEAR!.....it was bad.

And check out that dirt!!!!

So now....do you, my readers, believe me that things aren't always so 'put together' around here?

P.S. By getting new carpet installed in just this room - - we scored a free cruise for TWO from the company.
It was part of the deal.
And how could we resist???


  1. Haha...maybe you should have kept it a secret you're not so put together, lol...j/k,
    J/k. Thanks for keeping it real ;)

    Oh july, it seems so far away and that we are in a f.o.r.e.v.e.r tunda in chicago. Right now, i just cant wait to feel the warm breeze on my face, sandals, buds on the trees, and the warm SUN!!

    Is that carpet company local or nation chain? I could really go for a cruise!!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real! I cleaned behind my couch the other day and it was nasty too! Found lots of the same things, ha!

    I agree with the comment above---we need new carpet as well, would love to score a cruise with it! Give us details! :)

    1. Thanks for making me feel better Shannon :) The company is called Express Flooring and honestly, I have no idea if they are local or national. They have a really catchy commercial that is played way too much on TV with a jingle that sings "Call 1-800-Express". :)


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