Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easter Inspiration and Ideas.

I know, I know…Easter is still over a month away..
but I just can't help but GET EXCITED when I see SO MANY cute ideas on Pinterest.

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Williams and Sonoma
If you're in charge of a 'fruit dish' for Easter dinner this year, this chocolate strawberry and bunny platter is a MUST!  And seriously…how simple!

Jo and Sue
Or how about appetizers?
Wouldn't this cheese ball in the shape of a carrot, be a HIT?!

Craft Gawker

I LOVE centerpieces.
I really do.
Every formal dinner should have them.
IN LOVE with these carrots in a jar, although I think I'd add daffodils - don't daffodils just SCREAM Easter to everyone?

Something Swanky
I'm always a sucker for a good POKE cake.
This one is made with a carrot cake box mix and caramel sundae topping.
It HAS to be good with that in it, right?!

Focal Point Styling
I love personalized name settings equally as much as centerpieces.
I also really really love pretty much anything monogrammed.
Which is why I LOVE these gold monogrammed eggs for the dinner {or brunch!} table.

Martha Stewart

And last but not least - these darling jars from Martha, herself!
True story, I bought a white chocolate bunny last year to do this and never got around to it.
I saved it in my Easter stuff to do it this year.
{I sure hope it hasn't melted!}
Cannot wait to replicate this look!


St. Patrick's Day is in 4 days.
We're hosting a little GREEN-ish dinner at our house with another family.
What's on tap for YOUR St. Patty's day celebrations?!?


  1. ooh last year for Easter I got these darling little nests with eggs in them from the dollors store, then made up a little basket of min eggs as my place settings and favors. I love daffodil and tulips at easter. this year I just bought a 'Peter Rabbit runner from pottery barn, it just came and is adorable, I think this year everything will be centered about bunnies.. for the dinner!!

    1. Just as long as you don't EAT bunnies..... ;) xoxo


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