Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Ikea.  I have such a LOVE/HATE relationship with this place.

LOVE? Their knick-knacks, meatballs and play place.
HATE? Everything else.

I dropped London off last week in the play place and had a whole hour to browse in the store.
{I could've used another hour, too!}

How cute are these containers?
Only $2.99!

LOVING the nautical theme they have going on with some of their paper goods.
Perfect for summer!

These striped candles are screaming my name for 
Memorial Day thru the 4th of July.

Over at Target...

Bakers twine.
For only $1!!!  
I need to stock up.

Also loved these tags back in their organzition section.
Chalboard and Dry Erase.
You attach em to baskets - LOVE how easy it would be to label things with these.

One Direction anyone?
{I'm usually all about the teeny-boppin bands 
but I couldn't tell you any of these guys' names if you PAID me.} 

Backpacks for 70% off.
{Or maybe it means....they're not so popular anymore?}

In the clearnce section at TJ MAXX I spotted these cute little  - - -
greenery thingamjigs
that would look SO CUTE on your windowsill or a shelf somewhere.

And last but not least......

I totally need this mat.
I have such O.C.D. when it comes to leaving my house and wondering if I turned off my straightener.
{Many a times have I turned around down my street and come back home to check.}
Found over on ETSY.

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  1. Haha. Love the rug! I seriously could use one...especially since after leaving mine on all Sunday one week, (I know. I blame mommy brain.) My hubby always asks me if I turned off my straigtener on the ride to church.


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