Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Eleven.

Today marks ELEVEN years since I married this handsome devil.
We celebrated today by going out to brunch at one of my very favorite places.

We always like to find each other funny cards - - this is the one I gave to him.
It couldn't be more fitting for us.

Let the Games Begin
Don't we look so young? And thin? And carefree?

Because it makes us wanna gag when people go ON and ON and ON in public about how much they love their spouse.....

I'm sharing how I feel about MINE with one of my very favorite movie clips EVER.

Clip ends at :33

Happy Anni Joe!
Loves da bubbs.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is seriously one of the best clips ever.. love that film!

  2. Happy anniversary! ! That card is so funny and the truth! You look just as good now as you did then!


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