Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Day o' Green.

Here's how our Day o' Luck went down....

Kids woke up to Lucky Charms and GREEN Gatorade for breakfast.

Lucky the darn Leprauchan was up to his usual St. Patty's Day antics, trashing our bathroom and filling the sink with GREEN M&Ms.

The kids dressed in all GREEN to prevent pinching powers.
{Carson insisted that the green mustache made him EXTRA lucky.}

I delivered more of THIS GREEN bread to a few of my favorite peeps.

3 things I LOVE about this picture taken from today:

1. Our GREEN grass {thanks to Joe's GREEN thumb}
2. Our front porch
3. The stack of bikes we had parked in front of our house today.  We had a handful of boys in and out of our house all day today playing.... and it reminded me of HOW BLESSED our family is with such GOOD friends and neighbors.

We had fun friends over for a St. Patrick's Day feast.

On the menu: Roastbeef and mashed potatoes. {I chickened out and ended up not dying the potatoes 'green'.} GREEN beans. GREEN pistachio pudding/jello.

Sprite for the kiddos.

And GREEN rolls made by my favorite local bakery.

We ended the festivities with THIS cute FHE lesson and  THIS dessert.

That's a wrap St. Patty's Day 2014.  
Until next year.

Tomorrow I bust out the Easter decor ....waHooooo!!!


  1. You are such a great mum!! I seriously need to get on the green day. as I said, in UK, we don't decorate for it, celebrate it ( unless you drink, then it's a beer party.. nothing. .. weird huh!
    Anyways, I cannot wait to see your Easter décor. :) post pics!

  2. Awesome! We had a st. Patrick couple dinner on Saturday and all weekend addison was begging to have her own party too. I love your ideas for the kids, it make my job so much easier to use your ideas!! I too am looking forward to seeing your decor.


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