Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scripture Cookies + Cooking Quiz = a FUN activity for ALL.

* I'm currently going through my archives and updating old lessons and handouts. I get multiple emails a day about these lessons so I've decided it was time to freshen the posts up a little!
Originally posted 8/2011
Updated and Revised 3/2014

I have gotten literally hundreds of emails, the past few years about these Scipture Cookies.
Until now, I've only been able to offer the recipe as a printable.  
But NOW....with a little extra time on my hands....I can offer the COOKING QUIZ as well!
 I'm super excited about it.  Who knew that this little church activity would be so popular?!  
{Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post to download printables.}

One night I had my cute Laurels {the 16 to 18 year old girls in my church} over to my house for a little Recipe/Cooking night.

  Each girl was asked to bring FIVE recipes and then....make ONE of those recipes and bring it to share.  We had quite the little feast!  

Because I'm {slightly} obsessed with handouts and favors...I made these up for each of the girls:

You can purchase the spoons in bulk HERE if you have a big group to make them for.

Scripture Cookies: The idea is to look up the scriptures given, for the ingredients needed to make this recipe.  
{Hint: they are yummy oatmeal raisin cookies}.  

I challenged them each to go home, figure out the answers, and make up a batch.
{Extra points if they brought one to share with me.  Kidding.  But that would've been a good idea!}

I'm also {kinda} obsessed with quizzes....which is why I couldn't resist making up a little 'Coombs Cooking Quiz'.

 I was curious to see just how much the girls knew about cooking.

I've edited the quiz now without my name and it's now titled:
So You Think You Can COOK?
{The answer key is on the last page.}

Oh yeah... I also made up THESE delicious Pina Colada cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
They are a MUST try.

This night was SO MUCH FUN and the girls seemed to REALLY enjoy it!

Scripture Cookies Printable HERE.

Cooking Quiz Printable HERE.

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My cute first bunch of Laurels
I sure miss these cute girls.
They're all grown up now - - - in college and married.
They'll go on to do AWESOME things in this world.
I'm sure of it!


  1. I LOVE SO MUCH the cooking quiz, my girls like cooking and this is awesome for them.
    Thanks to share all your wonderful ideas!

  2. Cannot find the page to print out the scripture cookies activity.

  3. Right above the last picture on this post, there are two spots that say 'Scripture Cookies HERE' and 'Cooking Quiz HERE' - - click on the word HERE. xoxo

  4. link do not seem to be working - please help - also thank you for sharing -

    1. Hi there! Try clicking on these direct links:



  5. I am going to use this quiz at a party, but #4 has 3 choices and your answer says D?? Also #10 says the answer is 180 degrees, but everything I've ever read says 165. Can you please clarify for me?

  6. do you still have your printable available for your scripture cookies?

    1. I do! I have just updated my links so they should be working now on this page. Please let me know otherwise. Thanks!

  7. I'm a little slow at times, I just found this on pinterest but I LOVE this! I'm going to share this with my church's ladies prayer group. I'm going to make the cookies and when they ask for the recipe (they always do!) I will give them the cute print out with a wooden spoon! Thanks for sharing this and updating the links. :)


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