Thursday, March 6, 2014

St. Patricks' Day Printable

Every holiday deserves it's own treat, 
don't ya think?

When I saw these hand sanitizers at Bath and Body Works this week - I just KNEW they needed to be used somehow. 

Even though I've been released as Young Womens President, I still get requests for handouts and printables and I love it - BECAUSE....I LOVE doing that sort of thing. 

So while I will STILL continue to be posting FREE printables on my blog, some of my Young Womens themed tags/handouts, will now have a small fee - to make it worth my time.

These tags could attached do basically ANYTHING green - - 
green cookies, green M&Ms, green chapstick...the list goes on.
{Find the hand sanitizer I bought HERE.}

Don't teach Young Womens?
You're in LUCK.
{No St. Patty's Day pun intended.}

I've created THREE different tags for: Primary, Young Womens and a Teacher tag.

Cost is $5 and you can purchase this as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD to print off however many times you'd like through my Etsy shop 

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