Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Teacher Gift.

Spring Break is OFFICIALLY here for us!
2 full weeks of sleeping in and hanging out in our pj's all morning!!!
Can't wait!

Since St. Patrick's Day always falls over the break for us,
I like to give our teachers a little GREEN treat beforehand.

This was super easy to pull together.
Containers were from the $ bins at Target.
Just fill them with ANY green type of candy or chocolates.  
I added gold too!

And today is YOUR LUCKY DAY because I'm offering a FREE copy of this printable!
{I have omitted the 'Enjoy your Spring Break' part and it just says 'Happy St. Patrick's Day' at the botttom.}

To download click HERE.

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is adorable!

  2. Thank you so much for this cute idea and wonderful printable!!! My son was so excited to give this to his teacher this morning!! We printed out the tag on plain white paper and then glued on to a piece of green cardstock. Our jar was slightly different (flared at the top without a handle), so we put a green bow on top and tied the tag around the neck of the jar with a green string. Filled with silver and gold hershey's kisses. Turned out perfect! Thanks again so much! :)

  3. I love this! You have really great ideas and an awesome blog. Thank you for sharing! May I ask - What is the name of the font you used?


    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! The fonts used were: Century Gothic and MA Sexy - - xoxo

    2. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the one that says Happy Spring Break, as mine starts on the 18th. This would be perfect for my teachers!

  4. Hi! I LOVE this ... but I don't suppose you have the original one where it still says (have a great spring break), do you? This way I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. ;) Could you let me know? THX!!!