Sunday, March 2, 2014

This Weekend:

* I spent the entire day Friday cleaning.
London's room and our toy room.
I should've taken a before and after pic.

The BEFORE pic would've shown you that it appeared that a bomb had exploded in both rooms, slewing debris EVERYWHERE, to the point of not being able to see the floor.
The AFTER pic, would've shown you that we indeed DO have carpet in both rooms.
{Is it just our house
 or are your girls WAY messier than your boys?!}

* Friday night we went out with a group of  FUN friends to one of our favorite spots.
{If you ever go - try their carne asada tacos. They're my fave!}

We headed back and played games afterwards and then ended the evening by laughing hysterically at Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe show.
Have you SEEN IT?
Oh. my.  His bit on having kids, McDonald's and Subway are HYSTERICAL!!! 
Watch it.

* Saturday morning was our very last day of the season for sports.
{As much as I LOVE watching my boys play sports - we are ready for a little break now!!}

It rained on us for some of the time and so we came back home and spent the rest of the afternoon warm in our jammies, building legos, playing xbox and relaxing.
{LoVe the Saturday's when we can do this!}
Not sure why Carson finds the need to stand SO close to the TV while playing video games, but whatever.
* Saturday night, we had my brother and parents over to watch the
Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration. 
We ordered wings, pizza, salad, had Diet Cokes and chocolate chip cookies and felt a tad embarrassed that WE were enjoying it all in the coziness of our own home, while thousands of other resilient youth and leaders were amongst the pouring down rain.

What a NEAT NEAT event to watch!
{You can view it HERE.}
My bro Kirk and Carson.

I love this pic. 
My sister's friend took it at the event and if this doesn't show you that God watches down on his children, I don't know WHAT does!

12,000 youth from our church took part in this event and THEY are AMAZING!

* Sunday was the dedication of our new Temple.

Really, Grant?
Photo taken by my 7 year old Carson.
Hence, the awkward upward shot.
SO FUN to be able to take our sweet Grant with us.
It is a day that we will forever remember.

* Fun friends over for dinner Sunday night.
We made tacos....
I really need to share this shredded beef recipe pronto.
{Want a tip to making your tacos extra yummy? Melt cheese in between two small white corn tortillas and use that as your shell. 
It's double the tortilla yumminess.}

While the kids were eating in the backyard, they spotted THREE hot air balloons, one of which was practically right in our neighborhood.  

And then this happened...

11 of us piled into our friend's car and chased it down.
We should've taped the whole event - - 
we could really start our own reality show with this type of thing. 
It would put 'Storm Chasers' to shame.

Really quite cool.
The kids got to stomp on the balloon and help squish all of the air out.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Blessed, indeed.


On tap for this week: Making wreath orders, going on a field trip with a bunch of 3rd graders {which involves RIDING the BUS...heaven help me!} and looking forward to Spring Break {it starts next week!}


  1. fun weekend, lots of great memories created.... please post the Taco recipe :-)

  2. Everything you do seems so 'put together', that a nice before and after pics wold have been great, lol! Im slightly skeptical that you couldnt even see the carpet. Ha. It would have been awesome to see the balloon so close!!

    Ps. Can yo email me the valentines questionaire, i never recieved it if you sent it. Thanks! Warrej62@hotmail

    1. P.p.s. did u make the st. Pattys wreath, i absolutely love it!! And want to make it :)

    2. Thats it Julaine - I'm taking pics next time just to prove to you how 'un-put together' we are at times over here :) :) And I mean - - MOST Of the time!! Haha. Yes, I made the St. Pattys day wreath and I'll send over the questionaire right now! xoxo


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