Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Weekend:

* I took the kiddos to see....

Let me just say that I was
PLEASANTLY surprised at 
HOW GOOD this one was!

Like wayyyyyyy cuter than the one a few years ago.
Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais are hilare.
{And they showed THIS preview and AGAIN....I cried when I saw it.  What is WRONG with me?}

* Afterwards, my sister took London to get a pedicure {and manicure}...
Yes....she's spoiled
* Our Friday night date consisted of dinner HERE...

It was our first time trying this place.
It was....meh.
Just ok. 
We split the bbq platter and the only thing worth mentioning were the ribs.

* Afterwards we headed to a couple of my favorite places.

If that doesn't SHOUT ROMANCE, I don't know WHAT does!

I'm in the process of re-doing my craft room and I told Joe that for our date night, I wanted him to go with me to the store and pick out a cabinet and we'd put it together.
{And by 'WE' I really meant - - 'HE'D' do it and I'd just bring him a Diet Mt. Dew
 whenever he asked for one.}

Other things worth mentioning from that evening...

My craft room really does look like a tornado ripped through it...

....and we let our kids stay up until midnight that night.
{Hey, we're on Spring Break! They're normal bedtime is 7:30!}

* Saturday morning I did something I haven't done in years.
I went garage sale-ing.

I'm on the hunt for a new dresser for the boys' room.
It has to be dark wood {or navy blue} with at least 6 drawers.
Oh yeah - and it has to be cheap. Like under $200 cheap.

{Have you priced dressers in real furniture stores?
Good gosh! They're like at least $500.}

I came up empty handed that morning but it was still fun to look.

* Saturday afternoon
we cheered on my nephew Tyson and his Basha Highschool drumline.

Good gravy, those drummers move around SO fast, it was hard to get a pic!
They rocked their competition and placed FIRST!

* Saturday night we grilled burgers and went on a bike ride with the kiddos.

We delivered banana bread to our cute Sister Missionaries.

Taking a break outside of the missionary's house.
About 5 minutes after this pic was taken, we had 
2 minor crashes, 
1 small injury 
3 kids in tears.

Fun times had by all.
{Insert sarcasm}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Today was one of those days I felt, where all of the stars aligned for our kids in Sacrament meeting and Joe and I were ACTUALLY able to listen to the talks given.

One of the talks given was based off of THIS conference talk and it spoke to my heart.
LOVE when that happens.

* Joe's parents came over for dinner Sunday night.
We grilled steaks and ate out on the patio.
Perfect. Weather.

London introduced Grandma Marilyn to the Disney Princess Royal Ball app...

Grandma is such a good sport!
And we ended the evening with one of my all time favorite spring/summer desserts.
Strawberry JeLLo Poke Cake with fresh marinated strawberries on top!


The kids go back to school this week after a 2 week long Spring Break.
Not so sure I'm looking forward to that...we've {mostly I've} been sleeping in until 10:00 every day!

Back to Life.
Back to Reality.

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  1. The craft thats keepin it real. You had a busk weekend. Any home improvement store is defintely roomantic until it gets too long, then my husband wishing he would have went by hmself. Lol.


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