Monday, March 31, 2014

This Weekend:

* I went with the cute lady I visit teach to breakfast HERE.
Gosh I love this place. AND the lady I VT.

* Friday night we kicked it at home.
Ordered pizza and then sent the kids upstairs to watch the Disney channel while Joe and I watched a 2 hour Dateline.
{I myself, prefer Dateline when it's just an hour.}

* Saturday morning I met 2 of my very favorite teachers {and friends!} for breakfast HERE.
Ate out on the patio, it was so nice!
Grant and Carson's school teachers.
I know I say this all the time, but I'll say it again.
We have been blessed with THE BEST teachers in the world for our children.
It's not very ofen you can 'hang' with them on the weekend - - - and enjoy it!

* Saturday night I attended the LDS Womens Broadcast 
with my mom, sisters and nieces.

What a special evening.  
I think I cried through every single song, and each video clip shown.
Cannot wait until they post it all online.
My heart was very touched.

*Dinner afterwards with the girls HERE.
{Bleh - didn't love the food.}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We went to my parents ward and heard both my mom and dad speak.
I love hearing them give talks.

* With their church being so early in the morning, I was able to come home and take a....
3 hour nap!
I cannot remember the last time I was able to do that.
It. Was. Bliss.

* Dinner at my parents house Sunday night.
My dad bbq'd burgers and they were divine.
{As were the brownie sundaes my mom served for dessert!}

* Sun. night we tucked the kiddies into bed, popped some popcorn, and watched SNL from the night before. We've been watching SNL together since we've been married and I swear, we usually die laughing our heads off at some of those skits.

On tap for this week:
* Finish craft room
*Start preparations for the Stake Young Womens Medallion dinner that I am in charge of.
* Organize, organize, orgainze.  The Spring Cleaning fever has hit me HARD!


  1. such a fun weekend, and it looks so warm there... we are -20 and snow today.. I about to hang myself :(
    plus 2 of my 3 kids have pneumonia.. welcome to spring!!
    I LOVE LOVE your dress you wore to RS conference.. it's gorgeous!
    I loved conference too, grace was too sick to attend, and Ella was 10 days too young, but It was so lovely!

    1. Thanks Heidi! My friend runs a cute online boutique called 3 Brunettes and thats where the dress is from :) So sorry to hear you have sick kiddos - that's always the worst! And -20 are you kidding me????? Yowzers. Come here and warm up! xoxo

  2. Seriously, you live the life, lol!! Thanks for the vt idea, i was wondering what you might come up with after i read the message.

  3. This weekend I did a bunch of spring cleaning. It felt GOOD to get rid of so much stuff!

    1. Spring Cleaning makes you feel SO good, huh? LOVE getting rid of clutter and taking it to Goodwill! xoxo


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