Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Weekend:

* I ran errands.
2 different Hobby Lobby's and the grocery store.
I did manage to sneak in a lunch date all by my very ownself 
though at Kneaders.

I may just be obsessed with their Turkey Cranberry Sunflower salad.
{Sub romaine lettuce instead of spring mix and omit the mushrooms.}

I used to never want to be caught dead eating at a restuarant by myself.
Now I  REALLY REALLY thoroughly enjoy it. 

* I came back to my parent's house to pick up London
 and found she and my mom on their back patio...

My mom has such a GREEN thumb that it makes me jealous.
London LOVES watering her flowers - - it's one of her top 3 favorite things to do in life.

* Friday night date with my hubs at The Keg.
SUCH good prime rib and wedge salad there.

Here was our waiter.....

Does it gross anyone else out when waiters put their 
check/bill/ticket thingey in the back of their pants?

CLEARLY, it was touching his bum.
And then he handed it to us when it was time to pay, and spread his bum germs.

* We shopped around after dinner and then finished off the night with a 
Reese's shake from Iceberg.
{Their mini shakes?  Clearly not mini.}

* Saturday I worked on a few floral arrangements for someone
 who hired me to fill 3 huge pots for their backyard patio. 
She wanted artificial flowers in all of them 
{Phew! Because like I said....I really don't have a GREEN thumb when it comes to LIVE flowers}.

I was super thrilled with how they all turned out.
Plus I discovered that I really REALLY like doing this sort of thing.

* Took the kiddos to see:

What a DARLING little movie!
SO MUCH cuter than I had anticipated.
We ALL loved it!!!
{Definitely a must see during your Spring Break!}

* Side note: When they showed THIS preview before the movie started, I MAY have teared up a little.  For reals.  Who am I?  It could be that this movie was and is still one of my
 ALL TIME favorite movies and this remake looks ADORABLE!

* We met Joe afterwards {he had been golfing all day} HERE for dinner.
It was my lucky day because their special of the night was......Pot roast and mashed potatoes.
{My fave.}

* Driving home, I had to capture a picture of my very favorite mountain here in all of AZ.

The San Tan Mountain
This mountain literally backs up to our neighborhood
and I LOVE it.

Coombs Fam Christmas card picture 2013
Mountain in background look familiar?
* Sunday we attended the baby blessing of our cute little niece Trudy.
{Joe's sister's baby.}

No, my son doesn't need glasses.  Yet.
He scored these in the $ bins at Target and thought he looked like 'a really cool nerd' he went with it.
* Dinner over at some of our VERY favorite friends' house
on Sunday night.
They made pork chops that were amazing and homemade mac n' cheese.
I may have eaten A LOT of the mac n' cheese.
As soon as my friend sends me the recipe, I will definitely be sharing it on my blog.
{It was topped with crumbled bacon.  How could you NOT like that?!}

We rode our bikes to their house {they live in our 'hood} and the smell of orange blossoms througout the neighborhood on the way home was DREAMY!

{If you've never visited AZ in March - add it to your 
TO-DO list asap.}


Spring Break for my kiddos has begun.
There will be LOTS of staying up late and sleeping in going on.
Lots of trips to Grandma and Grandpa's pool.

I {heart} Spring Break.


  1. ooh I am excited for the recipe.. cheese and bacon.. LOVE!!!!
    Umh, can you PLEASE show/tell us how to do the pots. I too DO NOT have a green thumb, and they look sooo good!!!!!!!!..
    what a fun weekend!!

  2. the waiter, Zachariah or Z for short...I am rolling! We have him nearly everytime we go there knows us by now. Hahahahh

  3. ok I totally know your hubs fam! Kent daddy Coombs- hello, should have known by the last name!


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