Thursday, March 20, 2014

Verse by Verse - a super cool Scripture app.

Last week I was contacted by Brooke from 

She had just finished designing a brand new app and was wondering if I was up for reviewing it.

Was I ever?!? 

Here's the premise:

Each day your smartphone or iPad uploads with a new scripture. 
This scripture also includes a photo and description
 to help your children understand what is being said.
 It even has an alert/alarm type feature that you can set, to help you to remember to read the scriptures because with busy family life it's so easy to forget. 
I LOVE it! Our family has set the alarm to go off during dinner time. It's such AN EASY reminder for us to read scriptures together as a family and I LOVE that it is RIGHT at your fingertips.
I ALSO LOVE that it breaks the scripture down, for little kids like my 5 year old, so that she can understand what we are talking about as a family.
Another side note: You can search scriptures BY TOPIC, if your family is discussing something specific such as baptism, courage, eternal life, etc.  
This app has SO MUCH to offer and you can download it for only $3.99 HERE.
Happy Scripture Reading!!!


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