Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas.

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.
It's time to show your awesome teachers how much you
 LOVE and SUPPORT them!

Today I'm sharing a few ideas I've done in past years:

You honestly can't go wrong with chocolate.
The cute little plastic boxes were found at Target.
Printable HERE.

Fresh Flowers - - I LOVE them.
Details HERE.

One thing I've learned from my siser who's a 6th grade teacher - - 
Teachers LOVE LOVE LOVE gift cards.
You REALLY can't go wrong with those.
Details HERE.

Do they have a favorite soda?
This site has all sorts of cute ideas of soda tags.
Details HERE.

Flowers again.
Actually you could do a nice plant as well.
Details HERE.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Pinterest Recipes that I've Tried - - and now so should YOU!

That's right - these 2 are WINNERS.
{And sometimes ya just never know with Pinterest recipes, huh?}

Southwestern Chicken Roll Ups
This recipe was pinned via the site Plain Chicken and it's got just the right 'kick'.
Super tasty!

Found on Lil Luna.
Joe told me that this dish needed to be added to our regular rotations.
It was SOOOO good. 
 We gobbled it all up.

2 Pictures That 
Really Make Me Smile:

It's pretty much a 'tra-dish' that London and I get donuts every Friday morning.
My love for these fried goodies is rubbing off on her and I couldn't be more proud.

Coombs Kids Selfie!
I didn't even know my kids KNEW WHAT A SELFIE WAS 
until I discovered THIS gem on my phone.

I love everything about it -- especially London's tiny head trying to pop up in the pic.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Come Unto Christ Dinner.

This past weekend I was in charge of our
  Stake Young Womens Medallion Dinner.
{Just when I thought I was done with Young Womens too.....hehe. 
 I love those girls so much I could never say no!}

Every year, our stake holds a special dinner for the girls who have received their Young Womanhood medallion that year and they are asked to bring their parents as well.

I had complete free reign on how I chose to do this dinner.
I just needed to plan for about 100 people in attendance.

The first thing I did was choose a color scheme of black, white and hot pink.
{How can you go wrong with those colors, right?}

Place Settings

I designed these water bottle labels and will be offering them soon on my blog.
I do love how they turned out with the bunting.

Each girl received a little treat on her plate.
The boxes were purchased from the wedding section at Michaels {half off}.
I filled them each with 2 York Peppermint patties.
{I won't tell you how many I ate 
while in the process of filling them.}

I also designed these printanble circles and cut them out with my scalloped punch.
{I'll be offering these soon as well.}
The little damask paper bags were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I really did hit the jackpot with one of my cute friends.
She has a little side business of decorating weddings and so she let me borrow: 
the chair covers, the fabric and the chandelier centerpieces.
 It added the perfect touch!

This was my backdrop and it was directly behind the podium where the speakers spoke.
This is one of my favorite tricks - - covering a church chalkboard with wrapping paper.

I found the cute glittered 'Come Unto Christ' banner on Etsy HERE.

Since the theme of the year is based around Jesus Christ, I found it fitting to have little framed pictures of Him on the tables.  The frames were found at Michaels in their dollar bins.

Food Table

As for our menu - we served:

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Green Salad
Orange Fluff Salad
Smashed Potatoes with sour cream, butter and cheese
Homemade rolls with the most amazing raspberry butter
And Chocolate Eclair cake for dessert

I put my cute friend Karen in charge of the food and she did awesome!

I had each of the YW presidents in our stake make the dessert.  A few days before the event, I brought over to their house all of the ingredients with the recipe and disposable pan.  
They just had to make sure it was delivered to the Stake Center on time Saturday night.
{P.S. The chicken cordon bleu was purchased at Costco.  Easy Peasy.  And it tastes delish!}

Our YW Stake Presidency always gives each girl a little gift.
This year it was these cute embroidered pillow cases.....

All of our youth had just particapted in the Cultural Celebration last month with the opening of our NEW Gilbert, AZ temple.  The theme of that celebration was 'Live True'.

Two of my cute sidekicks for the evening.
Wish I would have gotten a pic of ALL of my helpers.
They were so sweet to offer up their time in helping me out.  
Couldn't have done it without them.

Glad it's over but had lots of fun preparing for it.
I've had my feet up and I've been sipping on Diet Cokes ever since.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Weekend:

* London and I started our Friday out just like how EVERY weekend should begin...

....with DONUTS of course! 

* We ran errands and crossed a few things off of our 'to-do' list which always feels nice.

* Friday night date night.

Dinner HERE.
Their chips, salsa and bean dip is my absolute FAVE of all FAVES!!!
{Also a fave? Their cheese enchilada and green corn tamale.  YUM!}

Afterwards we went to the movies and saw...

Oh my goodness.
What a neat and powerful movie.
We both Love LoVe LOVED it so much!!!
Go see it.
It will truly warm your heart.
{P.S. Why has Greg Kinear NEVER aged?  For reals - he looks EXACTLY the same as he did when he first hosted Talk Soup IONS ago. 
Love him!}

* Saturday morning I attended a Pampered Chef party.
I really do love their products.
AND the food they make at those parties.

* The rest of my Saturday was filled with this event....

Somehow I was asked to be in charge of our stake's Young Womens Medallion dinner.
For 100 people.
Don't know what I did to deserve that {smile}.

It went off without a hitch and I can't wait to share all of the details tomorrow!
Needless to say...I am very glad it's over.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Carson had his baptismal interview with the bishop and got to wear his suit for the first time.
Doesn't he look sharp?
{I wanna freeze time. Love this little one of mine.}

* Pot roast for Sunday dinner.
It's been awhile and MMMmmmMMM it was good!

* Dessert over at our fun friends' house.
Cake and Ice-cream for a birthday celebration.

* Kids were in bed by 8:00.
My Disney Dollars are really doing the trick with bribery these days.
I love it.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disney Dollars - Incentives for kids and Disneyland.

The countdown is ON for our trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!
Today I am beginning our DISNEY DOLLARS reward system in our house.

The objective of this is to get my kids' bums in gear - - and to reward them with something FUN and of THEIR CHOICE at Disneyland.

It worked LIKE A CHARM last year.
You can read all about the details HERE.

I even told the kids on the car ride there last time, that if there was teasing or whining going on in the back seat, Disney Dollars could be taken away.
{I'm such a mean mom, aren't I?}

For all of my DISNEYLAND tips of what to do and not to do while you're there - - 
click HERE.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {Handmade}.

Mother's Day will be here before we know it.
{Still cannot believe that Easter has already come and gone!}

I love making HANDMADE presents to give to those who are near and dear to me.
I always feel like it shows that you put forth an effort - and that you care.
{Not that gift cards, etc. DON'T....those are def at the top of my fave things list!}

If you're wanting to branch out and make your Mom, Sister, Grandma something from the heart  
- - here are a few of my own ideas from the past few years.

They're all VERY simple and VERY affordable.

These cute magnet boards are made from the DOLLAR TREE serving trays.

You can put up a favorite picture OR a favorite recipe - - place it in a kitchen, bathroom, wherever.
The possibilities are endless with this one.

Tutorial HERE.

Another EASY project involving things found from the Dollar Tree.

All you need is some spray paint, a frame, a candlestick and some type of flower for embellishment.

Tutorial HERE.

I made these easy DIY frames up last year for the graduating seniors in my Young Womens group.
They were SUPER easy and turned out SUPER cute {at least I thought so!}

You can purchase the unfinished frames at JoAnns, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
All you need to do is spray paint them and then hot glue your embelishments on.
I typed up the girls' favorite scripture and put it inside but you could do ANYTHING in here.
A fave quote, picture, etc.

Tutorial HERE.

And last but not list - - are these super simple candy/treat dishes.
If you've got hot glue - you can make this one in no time flat!

Tutorial HERE.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Things I am Looking Forward To:

Our upcoming trip to the D-land.
We're going for Carson's birthday this year and I know I say it every time BUT...I get just as excited {if not more?} than my own kiddos.

Mickey Mouse, Corndogs and Rollercoasters - does not get better than that, folks!

This bless-ed piece of goodness is opening up only 10 minutes away from us.
April 30th.
Cannot wait.

Their pork salads are TDF.
{To. Die. For} 

They're the type of salads, where the more you eat, the better it keeps tasting and before you know it, you've downed the whole thing and feel sick to your stomach.  
But a GOOD kind of sick to your stomach....if you know what I mean.
We will be visiting this new one frequently.

2 Things I Need to Tell You About:

This Book - -

by Catherine Rae Purves

If you buy ANY book this year for your family to read - - I mean ANY!...then you really need to make it this one.  

I found it the other day while I was shopping at Deseret Book and after reading the first few pages in the store, I found myself tearing up!  IT WAS SO TOUCHING!!!

I bought it and read it to my family last night for Family Home Evening and AGAIN - - I started crying my way through it.

It is SUCH a SWEET little book.

The premise is about a little girl who prays to God, and questions His ability to KNOW and UNDERSTAND each one of his children on this earth.

It is endearing, charming, heartwarming and the BEST book I have read to my kids in a LONG time.

And no, you don't have to be 'Mormon' just to read it....
If you believe that there is a God and that he watches down on us - - this book is for you!

You can purchase it through Amazon HERE.
{And Good Luck trying to make your way through it without a few tears.}

This Song - - 

Hands down NEW FAVE SONG of the moment.
CANNOT GET ENOUGH of it's catchy little tune.
You can take a little listen on iTunes HERE.
{I have it on repeat on my laptop right now.}

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

This Weekend:

* Joe had a 'medical procedure' done on Friday.

Since I couldn't be inside of the room with him when it took place, he was kind enough to take this 'selfie' for me.  He really does have the best sense of humor.
{And no worries - - ALL is WELL!}

* We picked up the kiddos from my parents house afterwards and headed home for the rest of the day.

* Our cute friends the Anderson's insisted on bringing us dinner.

Barro's Pizza + Gourmet Cupcakes = the way to my heart.
So grateful for such kind friends!!

* Afterwards, I headed over to the most darling little engagement party
at our church.

I absolutely Love LoVe LOVED this color scheme with the stripes.

* Joe and I stayed up late Friday night watching Dateline and 20/20.
{Did anyone else see the 20/20?  The bit on how people spend THOUSANDS of dollars on psychics? Good gravy!}

* Saturday morning was our Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park right by our house.

The sugar rush of the weekend, 
officially began NOW.

* We headed home and rounded up my brother and nephew to dye Easter eggs with us.
I thought I was SUPER clever this year, by purchasing the plastic white eggs that you can color.
{Because for reals - who really needs 24 hard boiled eggs?!}

And while it WAS nice to not boil eggs - 
these plastic ones were a BUST.
They did not take to the dye very well at ALL!
{Plus - we had no deviled eggs to eat afterwards year it's back to the traditional route.}

* We baked up my mom's recipe for Carrot Cake {the best of the best} and delivered them to a few of our peeps.

* I managed to sneek in a 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon.
{Easter prep is VERY exhuasting, no?!}

* We met my sister and nephew HERE for dinner Saturday night.

{Do they not have the BEST 'Cactus Blossom' EVER?!}

* Sunday we attended Churchey-church.
THIS song was sang as a duet and I swear I teared up through the entire thing.
SO powerful!

* Easter evening was spent over at Joe's parents house with his entire family.

Fun was had by all and highlights included:

* Grant finding the GOLDEN egg aka the one filled with a $20 bill.

* Ham dinner with potatoes and all the fix-ins.

*The devotional Joe's mom prepared for all us, based around the Savior.

* Strawberry shortcake for dessert.


One of my very favorite talks ever, 
given on the Resurrection and Easter is from 
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin called "Sunday Will Come".

To watch a short 2 minute excerpt {trust me - you'll want to} click HERE.