Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 New Favorite Finds:

This new
  Aladdin insulated 32 ounce cup from Walmart! 

I whole-heartedly feel like I struck gold yesterday when I purchased this.
It's only $8.96 and it provides a way for me to not dread drinking water thoughout the day.

It keeps my water ICE COLD and THE STRAW ROCKS!
Plus...it's 32 ounces.  Most of these types of 'jar cups' only come in the 20 ounce size.

Love. It!!!! 

Super excited about this little snack-a-roo I've discovered.

Yummy Yum Yum!
It's the perfect salty snack and only 120 calores per servings.
Try it.  You'll like it. {says Yo Gabba Gabba!}

2 Pictures I just can't 
Get Enough of Right Now:

I was so tempted to buy this cute little hat from Gymboree today but I resisted.
This pic reminds me that my little one is growing up way too fast.
{I mean...Doesn't she look old?}

These 2!!!
They are the best of friends and full of oh SO MUCH energy.
I wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just wanted to thank you again for eeverything you do and share with us. I feel so blessed that I found your blog when I was first put in YW. I was scared for my first New Beginnings and prayed I would know what to do. It was a few minutes later that I found you and I have been a faithful follower ever since.
    I love how you share your talents so willingly and graciously. Whenever I use anything of yours. I always tell everyone it came from you.
    I have used your visiting teaching hand out ideas last month (light bulb) and today the lifesaver one. I hope you realize a little bit how much you help someone like me. I have MS and my hands don't work as well as u wish they would. Your handouts help me so much and the sisters I visit thought I bought them somewhere already made. I showed them your site and now the two younger ones are following you and the two older ones have just been so happy to get them.
    Thanks for the ideas for YW too. I loved the conference ideas and bought the powerade to do that but my first grand baby came and was quite sick so I didn't get them done. I am thinking I will still do it to remind them.if conference next month when I teach.
    Thanks again. I wish there was something I could do to thank you more personally but I hope you know how sincere I am. Thanks again much love to you and your sweet family.

    1. You are so kind Lisa! I so appreciate your sweet comments. I LOVE hearing from my readers and it makes me super happy to know that I am helping someone out! Congrats on your new grand baby! :) xoxo

  2. I didn't know if you knew this, but the straw actually goes the other way.
    That way, that little bump/groove around that one section keeps it from coming out of the lid. :)

    But, you probably already knew that. I ♥ reading your blog & appreciate all the FABULOUS handouts & thoughts & ideas & fun things you share. :)

    1. I did not know that Lisa! Thanks for informing me :) It seriously is the best cup ever! Thanks for your sweet comments - glad you enjoy my blog! xoxo


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