Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Things I am Looking Forward To:

Our upcoming trip to the D-land.
We're going for Carson's birthday this year and I know I say it every time BUT...I get just as excited {if not more?} than my own kiddos.

Mickey Mouse, Corndogs and Rollercoasters - does not get better than that, folks!

This bless-ed piece of goodness is opening up only 10 minutes away from us.
April 30th.
Cannot wait.

Their pork salads are TDF.
{To. Die. For} 

They're the type of salads, where the more you eat, the better it keeps tasting and before you know it, you've downed the whole thing and feel sick to your stomach.  
But a GOOD kind of sick to your stomach....if you know what I mean.
We will be visiting this new one frequently.

2 Things I Need to Tell You About:

This Book - -

by Catherine Rae Purves

If you buy ANY book this year for your family to read - - I mean ANY!...then you really need to make it this one.  

I found it the other day while I was shopping at Deseret Book and after reading the first few pages in the store, I found myself tearing up!  IT WAS SO TOUCHING!!!

I bought it and read it to my family last night for Family Home Evening and AGAIN - - I started crying my way through it.

It is SUCH a SWEET little book.

The premise is about a little girl who prays to God, and questions His ability to KNOW and UNDERSTAND each one of his children on this earth.

It is endearing, charming, heartwarming and the BEST book I have read to my kids in a LONG time.

And no, you don't have to be 'Mormon' just to read it....
If you believe that there is a God and that he watches down on us - - this book is for you!

You can purchase it through Amazon HERE.
{And Good Luck trying to make your way through it without a few tears.}

This Song - - 

Hands down NEW FAVE SONG of the moment.
CANNOT GET ENOUGH of it's catchy little tune.
You can take a little listen on iTunes HERE.
{I have it on repeat on my laptop right now.}

Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. oh I am excited about that book, I need to get into today! LOL Ellas baptism is in a few week!!!
    OK, lets talk.. café rio, is my fav place, their sweet pork salad... oh to die for.. we don't have them here, so I am not kidding when I go to Utah, im in heaven! hAHah


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