Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Pinterest Recipes that I've Tried - - and now so should YOU!

That's right - these 2 are WINNERS.
{And sometimes ya just never know with Pinterest recipes, huh?}

Southwestern Chicken Roll Ups
This recipe was pinned via the site Plain Chicken and it's got just the right 'kick'.
Super tasty!

Found on Lil Luna.
Joe told me that this dish needed to be added to our regular rotations.
It was SOOOO good. 
 We gobbled it all up.

2 Pictures That 
Really Make Me Smile:

It's pretty much a 'tra-dish' that London and I get donuts every Friday morning.
My love for these fried goodies is rubbing off on her and I couldn't be more proud.

Coombs Kids Selfie!
I didn't even know my kids KNEW WHAT A SELFIE WAS 
until I discovered THIS gem on my phone.

I love everything about it -- especially London's tiny head trying to pop up in the pic.

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  1. hey marci!! i'm so excited to try BOTH of those yummy looking recipes! thanks for sharing :) so, hey, i've been thinking that you need to do a post where you allow your readers to ask you questions! and then you answer them in another post! i think readers love those kinds of posts because we follow your blog and genuinely want to get to know you and what better way then to let us ask you whatever we want lol!!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I will definitely consider that. Sounds like fun!! xoxo


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