Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 dresses that need to find their way into London's closet pronto:

Polka Dots, Pleats and Ribbon.
What more could you ask for in a dress?

The Childrens Place
I LOVE spring dresses.  
Thinking this might make the perfect little Easter dress.

2 things that I am dying laughing at right now:


And this video clip....
my husband found it online and we seriously almost peed our pants watching it.

Joe claims that Will Ferrell is just like me...during allergy season.
{And I might have to say he's 'almost' right! Except whenever I sneeze - I have to cross my legs. Ladies...you know why.}


  1. just a heads up, I bought grace a dress from childrens place, it was the black and white lace with the glittery hot pink sash, and puff ball bottom.. she's a very skinny 10 yr old... and average height, but it was SOO short.. seriousy, like 6 inches about her knees.. and I bought her the size 12.. ggrrrr


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