Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg-ing your Neighbors.

Tonight for 'Family Night' we EGGED our neighbors.
Not the yucky kind of EGGING of course.
The FUN - EASTERY kind.

Its really quite simple.

Fill up 12 plastic eggs with treats.
Scatter them around your neighbor's yard.
Then leave THIS printable inside of a basket, explaining to them that they've been EGGED and it's their turn to do it all again the next evening.

Knock on their door and then
 'run like the dickens' {my mom still to this day uses that phrase! what IS the dickens anyways??} so that you don't get caught. Part of the FUN of this is doing it all anonymously.  

My kids LOVE it!
I usually do up 3 baskets and let them each pick a house to EGG.

It's sure to brighten someone's night.
It always does!


  1. I love this Marci! Ahh, I am such a Marci -follower! This printable is not the "you've been egged" - and I would love the you've been egged - its so cute!

    1. Just fixed it Peggy! Thanks for noticing :) xoxo

  2. I would love this too! The link is to a YW Easter printable, although that's cute too!

    1. Just fixed it!! Thanks so much for noticing :) xoxo

  3. Okay, how adorable is this!!!!???? I'm totally doing this!! Thanks for the idea :)


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