Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

I have officially turned on my air conditioning this week.
It hit 100 degrees here!

Shopping helps me forget how hot it is out there.
Summer is here to stay, I'm afraid!

Are these not the cutest looking burlap paper plates from Hobby Lobby?
I think they'd even be cute for Easter!

I also spied these adorable chevron and polka dot boxes there.
Only $8.99 for the big ones!

Speaking of chevron - - this tray is SCREAMING my name for summertime bbqs.
I would definitely have to use my coupon though because it was $39.99.
Yowzers...that's a tad steep in my book.

I guess it doesn't bother me that 4th of July stuff is already out at Hobby Lobby - - since the weather actually FEELS like it could already be July. 

LOVE these cute table runners.

Next week - I'm going back to stock up on cute red, white and blue goodness.
{I've learned the hard way - if you do not pick up cute holiday decor WHEN YOU FIRST SEE THEM - it's likely to be gone when you finally get around to going back.}

Over at Wal-mart....
{I have such a LOVE - HATE relationship with this store. 
Well Walmart for right up there with Ikea.}

Since when did duct tape get so cute?
I mean, I know they've had all kinds of designs - - but this is the first time I've seen cute 
cherry and gingham tape along with sparkley tape.  Love it!

I love browsing in the section back by their 'craft' stuff.
Found these cute chevron vases in all different colors.

And I'm in LOVE with this tall black and white one too.
Must find a reason to buy it soon.

Thought these cute jars with lids might be cute to fill up with pastel colored candies to give to someone.

And if you missed my rave about these 32 ounce Insulatd cups earlier this week...
you MUST click HERE.
{These cups are life changing I tell you!}

And my last tid- bit I guess sorta COULD BE called a FUN FIND.
Or more of a FUN 'discovery'....

Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman!
Can I get a what! WHAT!!!
{We LOVE Colbert in this household. I think if my husband were allowed to meet one celebrity EVER it would be HIM.  
Or Jon Stewart.}

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  1. Oh that's hot.. and its only April, as much as I complain about our frigid temps.. I don't like the heat either ahahha.. over 85 and I about die LOL.. it's the red hair, and fair complexion LOL


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