Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Weekend:

* I shopped at IKEA.
I really could spend hours in that place.
{Fun Fact: My husband would rather eat his own toe jam
 than go to IKEA with me. He LOATHES that place.}

* London opted to spend the day with Grandma Lamoreaux so I picked up lunch from Paradise Bakery and brought it back to their house.

This was our view from their backyard while eating lunch.
ANY LUNCH would taste good with that as your backdrop, right?
{Fun Fact: They live on a golf course.}

* When we got back home, I continued work on my Craft Room RE-DO.

It is coming along quite nicely...if I do say so myself, but MAN it is taking me forever to get things just how I want them!

* Friday night we took my cute parents out to dinner HERE.

My dad is our own personal accountant when it comes to tax season time.
He preps everything for us before we hand it into our other accountant.
{Owning your business can be VERY tricky when it comes to taxes.}
Grateful for his help each year!
{I'll be even more grateful when April 15th is over with!}

* Afterwards we stopped by the highschool to watch my nephew and his drumline perform one last time before they head off to the National Championship in Dayton, OH.

SO FUN to watch them!

* We ended our evening with an ice-cream cookie sandwich at the gas station, after getting cash out for our babysitter.  If that doesn't SCREAM romance....I don't know WHAT does!

* Saturday we watched General Conference and I can honestly say I loved EVERY. SINGLE. TALK.

Here are 2 out of my 3 kids, being rowdy during the morning session.
  I don't care HOW MANY different coloring pages and activities you have lined up for them to do - - IT'S HARD getting them to sit still and pay attention.

I noticed a common 'theme' on Saturday with talks on:
 Courage, Faith and 
Loving others without judgment.

A couple of my favorite quotes:

"Pure Christ like love can change the world." - Elder Holland
"Even if 'everyone is doing it'.....
Wrong is NEVER right." - Elder Nelson

* Saturday night Joe attended the Priesthood session with my dad, nephew and bro-in-law.
My 2 favorite men: Dad & Joe 
While they were gone, the kids and I met up with a bunch of friends from our ward for a picnic at the park.  
The weather could not have been more perfect! So. Fun!

Yes...I 100% realize my boys are way too big to be swinging in the 'baby' swings.
* Sunday was much of the same, minus the park.

Big Breakfast  + More Conference + 
Lounging in our jammies for most the day.

LOVED ALL THE TALKS, yet again, but specifically Elder Uchtdorf's and Sister Stevens.

"Love should be at the very heart of family lives". - Pres Monson

So awesome to hear our sweet living prophet speak.
I love him.

* In between sessions I cleaned out London's closet.
It's supposed to get up to 90 degrees this week.
{I'm not quite ready for that yet!}
I switched out all of her pants and long sleeves for shorts and tank tops.
I'm air conditioning will be going on for the first time this week.

* We ended the evening by going over to Joe's parents house for a visit....

...where I got to love a little on this cute sweet potato.

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